6 January 2014

Fitness trainers invited to ‘shape up’ and join new scheme

Fitness trainers using parks and open spaces in Brighton & Hove could benefit from a new licensing scheme.

The voluntary scheme would help promote reputable businesses while raising revenue for the upkeep of parks. It would also provide residents with reassurance that licensed instructors running fitness classes and boot camps run on council land were properly qualified.

Members of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee are being asked to approve proposals for a licensing scheme for commercial fitness trainers at a meeting on January 14.


Over the past few years, outdoor fitness classes and boot camps have become increasing popular in the city’s parks and open spaces.

There are around 20 personal fitness training companies and individual trainers running sessions in Brighton & Hove parks. They range from national organisations such as British Military fitness which runs 18 classes in three public parks, to smaller local groups.

To join the new scheme, fitness trainers would need to be registered with either UKactive or REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals).

This will give the customer the assurance that the instructors are properly qualified, insured and have undergone relevant security checks.

Instructors will also be asked to make a contribution towards the maintenance of the green spaces they use. In return, businesses and individuals signing up to the scheme would be advertised on the council’s website.

Discussions with local fitness training companies have shown that the majority would support a licensing scheme.


Councillor Pete West. Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee said:  “Outdoor personal fitness classes and boot camps are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s great to see many of our residents using our parks and open spaces to get fit and healthy.

“Personal trainers are commercial operators charging customers for their services but until now have made no contribution to the upkeep of the green spaces they use. Other users, such as football and cricket clubs have to book and pay for use of the facilities.

“Our proposed scheme seeks to redress this balance, while promoting reputable businesses in the city and giving potential customers a choice of companies and trainers who are properly qualified and insured.

“Money raised from the scheme would be used specifically on the up-keep of the parks where classes take place.”