7 May 2014

External security lights and hearing loops are to be installed in Brighton & Hove Council homes

External lighting to individual homes and hearing loops in communal lounges in sheltered accommodation will be installed under the investment programme of work that improve council accommodation in Brighton & Hove.

This follows 100% of council homes in the city now reaching the Government’s Decent Homes standard, due to an extensive four year programme installing items such as new bathrooms, kitchens and doors.

This will further improve the Brighton & Hove Property Standard which is designed to provide the best accommodation to council homes in Brighton & Hove.

Hearing loops will be installed to community meeting rooms and shared lounges in our sheltered housing schemes. 

External lighting will also be fitted as part of an electrical rewire or upgrade to both occupied and empty homes.

Another key change, is that from now on, for those residents who have fitted their own kitchen or bathroom, if the other room fails the standard for age and condition, this will be modernised by the council.

Cllr Bill Randall, chair of the housing committee, said: “These proposals will improve the lives of our older residents living in sheltered accommodation, particularly having hearing loops installed in all 23 communal lounges will provide the best support to residents who have difficulty hearing. 

“Some of our meeting rooms and shared lounges already have hearing loops installed, such as Leach Court, and this change in policy now means all our shared meeting rooms and lounges can benefit.

The proposals will be a great addition to the 100% national decent homes standard and it will help us continue to provide the best facilities to council homes in Brighton & Hove.” 

For more information on Brighton & Hove Property Standards see link below: