Drug victim support magazine published

A magazine has been published giving details of a European Union project that has seen more than 200 professionals in Brighton & Hove receive extra training to work with families affected by a loved one’s substance misuse.

The EU project has enabled Brighton & Hove’s Communities and Families Tackling Addition (CAFTA) team to work with similar teams in France, Belgium and Holland as well as the UK to find out new ways of supporting their clients.

The ‘2 Seas’ Magazine covers not just CAFTA’s work but also similar work in Rotterdam, Calais, Antwerp and Medway. It has been published in three languages – English, French and Dutch.

CAFTA’s Initiatives through the project have included:

  • designing drug and alcohol information for school lesson plans
  • a DVD aimed at young offenders
  • two conferences for the families and carers of people with drug and alcohol problems that were attended by 350 people
  • initiatives aimed at making residents feel safer within their communities.

Visit http://snapblog.org/ for more information and to find out how to get a copy of the magazine.

Brighton & Hove City Council’s director of public health, Dr Tom Scanlon, said: “Each team in each country has a different way of supporting their clients and making their neighbourhoods safer.

“It’s been fascinating and incredibly useful to find out so much about these different approaches, and it’s the people with drug and alcohol problems who we work with day to day that are benefiting.”

The funding for the project has come from the EU’s Interreg 2 Seas 1VA cross-border cooperation programme 2007-2013.