Community helps shape Preston Park improvements

Additional parking space has been created in Preston Park. The parking places are in the triangle area south-east of the Velodrome and came into operation this week.

Brighton & Hove City Council has been working with the Friends of Preston Park to address parking issues in the centre of the park and have installed bollards to the north east entrance which allow access for blue badge-holders but provide a deterrent to others.

There is now better signage and wooden posts are being repaired or replaced to stop parking on the grass.

Councillor Pete West, chair of the environment committee, said: “We have been working to improve safety for park users. There have been incidents with people parking on the grass which puts people at risk and damages the fabric of the park. Preston Park is one of our most prominent and spectacular open spaces and we want to make sure it is enjoyable and accessible for everyone. As well as enabling people to park more easily in the park, all surplus income from paid-for parking is being used to make improvements suggested by the local community.”

Two years ago the council introduced controlled parking in the park at the request of park users. All surplus income from the paid-for parking is re-invested back into the park. The Friends of Preston Park have been helping to decide where the money is spent.

So far this year, the funds have paid for a new artificial cricket wicket together with improvements and repairs to the fencing around the cycling track.

  •          A scary (but friendly) atmosphere awaits . . .This Saturday, 1 November, the Friends of Preston Park are hosting a free Halloween Lantern Walk. Meet at 5.30pm at the men’s bowls pavilion (walk starts at 6.30pm). Prizes will be awarded for the scariest fancy dress and the best home-made lantern and there will be refreshments and face painting. The event is aimed at families with children up to 13 years. For more details please contact The Friends of Preston Park: