31 March 2014

Brighton woman takes the rap for noise nuisance

A woman who breached a noise abatement notice after she allowed rap music and shouting to disturb the neighbours was fined just over £1,000 by Brighton magistrates last week (Thursday, 27 March).

Tammie Lee Lindsay, 23, of 67 Langley Crescent, Woodingdean, pleaded guilty to two counts of breaching the abatement notice after police were called out twice and witnessed booming rap music, shouting and banging of doors during the night and into the early hours.

The neighbour of the end of terrace house first reported a noise nuisance in December 2013 and although the tenant was sent a warning letter by the landlord, neighbours continued to be disturbed in the new year.

Ms Lindsay was fined £130 for each offence, plus £750 costs and £20 victim surcharge (£1,030 in total).

Brighton & Hove’s noise patrol officers served a noise abatement notice on 17 January, which was breached three days later. Despite visits from the police and council officers the notice was breached again on 28th January at 1.40am.

When the police visited on 20 January they could hear the thud of bass music as soon as they got out of their car and when they arrived at the house it was so loud the windows and doors seemed to be vibrating and the officers could feel the vibrations under their feet in the garden. The singer was rapping about how bad his life was. After the police intervened the music was turned down to a reasonable level.

On 28 January, there were several people in the house shouting, in particular Ms Lindsay and her sister who were screaming at each other. Despite repeated requests from the police, none of the occupants lowered their voices.

Councillor Pete West, chair of the city’s environment committee, said: “Our officers gave Ms Lindsay every opportunity to be responsible for controlling the noise in the property, offering advice to her on more than one occasion.

“The effect of repeated late night noise on people’s quality of life can be extremely damaging, and this is an area where there are families with children. The council had no option but to take the matter to court on behalf of neighbours.”

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