3 April 2014

A bright and connected future

Brighton & Hove Connected’s new sustainable strategy has been launched and sets out a partnership approach for the public sector, private business, community and voluntary sectors to come together to tackle city wide issues.

The last strategy was published in May 2010, and partnership working has supported falling unemployment and high levels of satisfaction with the city among its citizens and with visitors. There are however many challenges and together we will work together towards ensuring that everyone achieves their full potential in life. 

The website sets out our ambitions and priorities for the future of our extraordinary city while is intended to be a live document which will evolve and adapt to meet changing circumstances. 

Chair of Brighton & Hove Connected Tony Mernagh said; “Brighton & Hove has earned a fine reputation for successful partnership working, and this will become even more important as the public sector goes through revolutionary changes and the private sector slowly emerges from the torpor that has gripped it for the past five years. Vital too, will be the voluntary & community sector as it develops its role of providing key services.  With the development of the wider city region, working with our neighbouring local authorities to pool ideas, resources and solutions will be increasingly important.”


Brighton & Hove Connected (BHC) is Brighton & Hove’s Local Strategic Partnership. It is the overarching strategic partnership for the city and provides a single local co-ordination framework within which other partnerships can operate. The BHC brings together the different parts of the public sector, as well as the private, business, community and voluntary sectors so that different initiatives and services support each other and work together. BHC is responsible for developing and driving the implementation of the Sustainable Community Strategy.