2 July 2014

Apprentice ambassadors, coming to a school near you!

Six Brighton & Hove City Council apprentices have come together to raise awareness of apprenticeships in the city.

The new apprentice ambassadors are all apprentices at Brighton & Hove City Council and were brought together by the Council’s Education and Inclusion department.

The aim is to promote the importance and availability of Apprenticeships to young people and parents/carers across the city, giving them the chance to find out about other career options. 

The ambassadors cover a range of different sectors, Human Resources, Schools, Procurement, Culture and Media Relations, and are all undertaking a nationally recognised qualification from level 2, advanced level 3 to higher level 5.

From September 2014, the newly formed ambassadors will be targeting schools and colleges in Brighton & Hove holding workshops, open discussions, setting up video links and talking about their own experiences to encourage the idea of applying for an Apprenticeship.

Penny Thompson, Brighton & Hove City Council Chief Executive, said: “One of the biggest difficulties entering the job market for the first time is trying to break the cycle of no experience.

“The apprentice ambassadors are not only representing themselves but the council and it is extremely important that we are able to provide this resource to young people across the city to create the awareness of other opportunities that are available to them.”

Apprentice ambassador, Lucy Strutt, a Human Resources apprentice said: “For me, apprenticeships were never really offered when I was at school which is why at 22, I am finally doing an Apprenticeship.

“Being an ambassador has given me the chance to give young people and parents the opportunity to have knowledge about apprenticeships which I believe is extremely valuable.”