12 June 2014

10 things you may not know about our libraries

  • More than one million people visited Brighton’s Jubilee Library last year making it the second most popular in the country.
  • A survey concluded that library staff are the second most trusted profession after doctors
  • Brighton & Hove has just opened a new library in Woodingdean
  • A virtual library is available for those unable to visit or who want to access information online and the service runs a Home Delivery Service for housebound people
  • There are more than half a million items of library stock to choose from,  including 40,000 audio-visual items and 45,000 rare books
  • Last year the libraries purchased 50,000 new items of stock
  • Staff issued well over 1 million items last year, averaging 66 per hour
  • Access to computer facilities are free to all members – and there are 217 public computers across the city
  • Last year more than 32,000 children attended 1,786 different events and 629 people attended reading and writing workshops
  • Brighton & Hove’s library service costs around 32p per week per person


Find out more about the city’s Libraries Plan: http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/press-release/celebrating-citys-successful-libraries