12 September 2013

Vision for eco-friendly, well-designed jobs base at Shoreham harbour

An eco-friendly and well-designed development aimed at attracting and retaining jobs is enshrined in a new vision for the parts of Shoreham Harbour within Brighton & Hove.

Councillors on the economic development committee are expected to approve the plan, which would serve as a guideline to developers.  It is hoped the approach would prevent a mish-mash of incompatible building projects coming forward.

Retaining existing employers and creating new buildings suited to the modern economy are the priority.  However some house-building would be allowed as ‘enabling development’ to bring in funding.

The document does not specify exact development details or timescales but outlines the kind of land uses that would be acceptable. 

Key goals of the plan are high-quality design of buildings, public spaces, cycle and pedestrian routes plus environmental sustainability.

Proposals for South Portslade Industrial Estate include employment, improved public open spaces and landscaping; better transport connections, a more pleasant streetscape along the Wellington Road A259 corridor, plus some homes

The vision for Aldrington Basin includes employment, leisure facilities, improvements to the port access road, a better streetscape along the A259 Kingsway and a dedicated cycle route along Basin Road South. Some residential enabling development would also be included.

The document follows an extensive period of public consultation between August 2012 and March this year, including community and residents’ groups, local businesses, landowners and developers.

The planning brief will go before a meeting of the economic development and culture committee on September 19.

Committee chair Cllr Geoffrey Bowden said:  “This document outlines the kinds of attractive, sustainable development the council and community would like to see in this part of the port.  The vision is a buzzing, pleasant environment, primarily for jobs.  However it does not promise overnight changes.  It is likely that regeneration of the port will happen organically over time as the economy recovers.

“Studies have said the city has great promise to lead the way out of recession. The port could be valuable for creating jobs in sectors such as eco-technology – the sorts of jobs we spoke of in our City Deal proposals to government.”