18 October 2013

Stay safe on the roads - light up as the clocks go back

Cyclists across Brighton & Hove are being urged to light up and ensure they can be clearly seen as the nights become darker.

In the run up to the clocks going back on October 27, Brighton & Hove City Council’s road safety team will be out and about at dusk in the city, from October 21 to 25, to remind cyclists and other road users of the importance of being seen and looking out for others.

They will be giving out high-visibility stickers to use on bikes, bags and helmets as part of the safety campaign, called "Seen Me, Seen You?" Drivers can pick up a blindspot mirror and have their lights checked and pedestrians are also welcome to pick up high-viz stickers to personalise their bags. (See list of locations below)

As part of the campaign, road safety staff are working with local employer Kimberly-Clark*, at the company's Brighton office in Trafalgar Place. Many of the company's 350 employees cycle to work and a road safety officer will run a lunchtime session for staff on the importance of being clearly seen.

Cllr Ian Davey, Deputy Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council, said: "We are working hard to improve road safety with initiatives such as 20 mph limits and new cycle lanes in Old Shoreham Road and Lewes Road.

“However, as the nights draw in there is an increased risk of casualties due to poor visibility. The peak time for accidents is between 5pm and 6pm in the evening rush hour and over 40% of the collisions in Brighton & Hove are caused by people failing to look properly as they use the road. That’s why we are running this campaign - we want to ensure we can all be seen on the road and make an extra effort to look out for each other this winter.”

Riccardo Masera, Director of European Financial Services at Kimberly-Clark, said: "Safety is part of the way we work at Kimberly-Clark - it applies to every job on the road, in the office or in our manufacturing mills. This is why the awareness training being given to our employees in Brighton is extremely important in ensuring their safety and the safety of others.”

Cllr Davey said: "The company is a big employer in the city and has seen many more people cycling to work. Our road safety team is happy to do similar sessions for other employers."

During the 'Seen Me, Seen You' campaign road safety officers will be giving advice to cyclists about their legal requirement to use lights in the dark.

The high-viz stickers being given out come from local company PVL, who mark up emergency service vehicles. Cllr Davey said: "We would like to thank PVL who provided the stickers free of charge, shaping them from their waste materials."

Locations for giving out advice and high-visibility stickers (from 5pm to 7pm):

Oct 21  Peace Statue on the seafront, cycle path and road

Oct 22  Lewes Rd, Cockroft site - both sides of road - also Brighton station

Oct 23  The Level, south end

Oct 24  Preston Park/London Road, by the entrance to park

Oct 25  Kings Esplanade, Hove, near Marrocco's restaurant

Notes to editors

Further information: Brighton & Hove City Council press office 01273 291035 or 293033

* Kimberly-Clark

Kimberly-Clark is a leading global manufacturer of well-known consumer brands, Andrex® Kleenex® and Huggies®. For further information about Kimberly-Clark: Andrea Hopkins 01737 736254.