19 December 2013

Ronan Keating backs ‘excellent’ council service for people with disabilities

Singer ‘delighted’ with embroidered sweaters for his Boyzone pals

One of the world’s most famous singers has given a rave review for some specially commissioned embroidery work done for him by Able and Willing, a supported business for people with disabilities run by Brighton & Hove City Council.

Ronan Keating was visiting Brighton for a Boyzone reunion concert at the Brighton Centre on December 18 when he suddenly decided he wanted to give the rest of the band sweaters with their names embroidered on them for Christmas.

Ronan called AbleandWilling, which employs people with a variety of disabilities and specialises in embroidery, printing and providing garments for a wide range of businesses and organisations.

He placed his order on the morning of the show, and the sweaters were delivered to him in the evening before his show.

AbleandWilling’s business manager, Jeff White, said: “Ronan’s order and visit was a lovely surprise. He couldn’t have been nicer – very down to earth and more than happy to pose for photos with our staff.

“Turning his order round on the same day wasn’t easy but we always try to cater for our customers’ needs so we pulled out all the stops for him.

“He said he was delighted with the excellent quality of our embroidery and really grateful to us for turning his order round so quickly.

“His visit and the very nice things he has said about our work have given everyone here a big festive lift.”