4 September 2013

New school bus pass deal

Young people who qualify for free school bus passes paid for by Brighton & Hove City Council are getting a better deal this September.

A new agreement between the council and the Brighton & Hove Bus Company means eligible secondary age pupils will receive the bus company’s smartcard, called the Key.

This will enable them to travel free anywhere on the Brighton & Hove Bus network evenings, weekends and in school holidays. Pupils will also get cheaper fares in their summer holidays next year.

The arrangement replaces the term-time, school-days only bus passes issued by the council under the previous agreement with the bus company.

The chair of the council’s children and young people committee, Councillor Sue Shanks, said: “These young people will now be able to stay on at the end of the school day for activities or extra study and travel home free. We hope it will also encourage them to get out and about in the city at weekends and holidays.

“Many people whose children have free passes are on low incomes. This agreement is giving them a better deal and I’d like to thank the bus company for the way they have worked with us on it.”

Martin Harris, managing director of the Brighton & Hove Bus Company, said: “We recognise that young people at school are our future adult customers and we also recognise the pressures on finances all round.

"We are delighted to have been able to provide this additional flexibility for young people and add to our range of family focussed discounts on the Key smart card by reaching this agreement with the council"