5 July 2013

National praise for council’s anti-homophobia work in schools

Brighton & Hove City Council has been named as the second best local authority in the country for challenging homophobia in schools and celebrating difference.

National charity Stonewall has described the council’s work in this area as innovative and original, and praised the successful partnership work delivered in schools with the city’s Allsorts Youth Project.

Young people from Allsorts have worked with the council’s education team to deliver training to peer mentors and staff, and have delivered lessons and assemblies which challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. Secondary schools have been supported to develop systems which effectively support lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender young people.

This year Allsorts also successfully launched a Children and Young People’s Day specifically aimed at promoting positive images of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people.

The deputy chair of the council’s children and young people committee, Councillor Ruth Buckley, said: “We’ve been a leading authority nationally for the three years this award has been running.

“I’m proud that our schools take homophobia, biphobia and transphobia so seriously and delighted that our work with Allsorts Youth Project is continuing to support their efforts. This month we are launching a Trans Inclusion Toolkit for Schools to further improve support for transgender young people."

Allsorts youth project director Jess Woods MBE said: “We are thrilled that the council has yet again done so brilliantly in the Stonewall index. This is a great achievement. Congratulations to everyone at the council and all our wonderful LGBT inclusive schools.”

Wes Streeting, Stonewall’s Head of Education said: “Homophobic bullying has a detrimental impact on the attendance, achievement and life chances of young people. So it’s fantastic to see the work of Brighton & Hove City Council highlighted through the Index to inspire others to take action to make schools a safe and supportive place to help all young people to achieve their potential.”