11 June 2013

Eco Open Houses

First Green Deal houses showcase simple measures that save money

Eco Open Houses in Brighton & Hove has been launched at a home in Newport Street in Brighton, ready for visitors this weekend.

Low Carbon Trust as part of the Green Deal Pioneer Places Project, showcases six Green Deal type homes in this year’s Eco Open Houses event. Launched in February, the Green Deal is a new way for householders to pay for energy saving household measures by removing the financial barriers of upfront costs, helping to make UK homes more warm and comfortable.

The largest event to date, the 2013 Eco Open Houses network showcases a myriad of different properties. Some homes open are old and show that it doesn’t take expensive renovation to cut bills: small alterations can make a big difference and reap significant savings. Others are new or may have won awards using cutting edge building techniques and fusing style with sustainability. Others seem quite ordinary but are actually urban self builds, built as a family home by a novice builder. And what they all have in common is that the people living and using them these buildings, have low energy and water bills, and enjoy warm healthy homes.

In visiting an Eco Open House you can learn and be inspired by the experiences of Eco Open Householders and see how significant savings can be made from fairly modest investments. It is free to visit any of the houses and all are welcome. Some houses have to be booked, others just open their doors.  On arrival you can learn about many different green build techniques from better insulation to wood burning, solar panels, water efficiency, natural and recycled materials to simple energy controls.

Newport Street is one of the six Green Deal Pioneer type homes, and shows how to better insulate a buildings fabric by tackling the much trickier areas of insulation such as the floor or above the ceiling above a bay window. The householder, David Haines said, “I am really looking forward to seeing how much warmer and more comfortable my home will be next winter and love having my hot water now heated by the sun.”

So why not come along to Brighton and Hove’s Eco Open Houses event and be inspired to make your home an eco home.

For a downloadable brochure of all the Eco Open Houses and more details please see www.ecoopenhouses.org.