22 November 2013

Drivers stopped over 20mph limit

Drivers breaking Brighton & Hove’s 20mph speed limits have been stopped and advised by police the restrictions are legally enforceable.

This week, an officer from the council’s road safety team accompanied the Hove central neighbourhood police team on a training exercise on use of speed detection equipment.  Among streets monitored within the existing 20mph zone were Cromwell Road, Lansdowne Road and Clarendon Villas.

About 50 drivers were stopped and given advice by police on the need to comply with the posted speed limits.  None were given a formal penalty.

The council says the police training also provided an opportunity to talk to drivers about sticking to the limits.

Lead councillor for transport Ian Davey said:  “The main aim of the lower speed limits is to reduce the number of people hurt on our roads.  In the last three years we have seen 19 people killed and over 3000 injured.  There is clear evidence that lowering speed limits to 20mph can help. 

“Lower limits are enforced just as 30mph speed limits are.  I am very pleased that officers from both the council and neighbourhood policing teams have been working together to help improve road safety. I hope this will help drivers understand the legality of the lower limits and reasons for them.”

Inspector Jason Hazzard said: "The officers tested the equipment and were training on it at the same time. While they were there they stopped around 50 vehicles that were travelling above the speed limit and gave them advice about the 20mph zones and the possible penalties for exceeding the limit.

"We expect drivers to play their part in improving safety by complying with the limits. However where drivers are regularly and wilfully breaking the law and it is raised as an issue by residents, we will take action to deal with offenders.

"Those deliberately breaking the speed limit can be targeted for enforcement as this would be appropriate and proportionate and we would encourage the public to report drivers or riders through the use of Operation Crackdown at www.operationcrackdown.org."