12 July 2013

Deputy Mayor hands over £20,000 to 3 charities

 £20,000 will change hands on Tuesday 16 July when The Deputy Mayor of Brighton & Hove, Bill Randall, handed over cheques to the three charities he supported during his year as Mayor, which ended last May. The money is divided equally between

The Allsorts Youth Project, which works with young LGTB people,
The Brighton Women’s Centre, which has supported women in Brighton and Hove for more than 35 years
The Martlets Hospice, which provides end of life care for more than 1,000 people every year.

 Said Councillor Randall: ‘My thanks go to all the people and organisations who supported my fund raising work during the year. They displayed a generosity and community purpose which is typical of our extraordinary city. I would also like to thank the three charities, who worked so well together. I enjoyed working with them and seeing first hand the magnificent work they do for Brighton and Hove.’


Notes to editors:

The Martlets Hospice whose work touches almost every household in the city. It helps 1,000 people to live life as fully as they can, right up until the end. Expert clinical care is provided by highly skilled and experienced doctors and nurses through the inpatient unit and the hospice at home service. Wherever possible, the peace, respect and dignity of patients are retained. The hospice receives only 29 per cent of its funding from the NHS and has to raise £9,000 a day through charitable means to keep its doors open. (www.themartlets.org.uk)

The Brighton Women's Centre has supported women in Brighton and Hove for more than 35 years. It aims to empower women and promote independence in a safe, women-only space. The services offered include counselling, group work, open access drop ins, holistic therapies, volunteer training and self development courses. It also provides an Ofsted registered preschool group and runs a Fareshare scheme. Its work is particularly important at a time when women are suffering more than other groups from the effects of the recession. (www.womenscentre.org.uk)

The Allsorts Youth Project provides a range of counselling and advice services for young LGBT people under 26, many of them vulnerable. It also raises awareness about LGBT issues in local schools, colleges and youth projects. The services include 1:1 confidential support and sexual health advice. Allsorts recently launched a summer programme for LGBT under 16's. (www.allsortsyouth.org.uk)