25 September 2013

Council alarm pendant ‘saved my father’s life’

When 94 year-old John Telling fell and was found at the foot of the steps to his front door late one night, things could have turned out very differently – if it hadn’t been for his new Carelink Plus falls alarm pendant.

Carelink Plus is Brighton & Hove City Council’s 24-hour, seven days a week community alarm service for vulnerable people. According to his son, David, Carelink Plus and the falls alarm pendant probably saved his father’s life.

When he fell, John cut and bruised his head very badly and was left unconscious, but his pendant automatically triggered an alarm at the Carelink Plus call centre. Staff immediately contacted people on their list of John’s family and friends able to check on him.

Close neighbours were there in minutes and pressed the call button on the alarm pendant. They were able to speak to Carelink Plus staff through the pendant system and paramedics were there minutes later. John was taken to A&E but was discharged the following day and is making a good recovery.

David Telling said: “My father was badly injured and could have been left lying there overnight. I believe the falls alarm pendant probably saved his life.

“The Carelink Plus staff are unfailingly helpful, efficient, pleasant and cheerful. I can’t fault them. It’s an excellent service and I’m also incredibly grateful to our friends who dropped everything when Carelink Plus called and did such a great job looking after my father.”

John has been using Carelink Plus services for more than three years. He was one of the first people in the city to be issued with a new device that looks like a normal pendant alarm button but has the additional feature of a built in falls detector.

The device spots works by detecting sudden changes in barometric pressure and will automatically put a call through to the Carelink service. This can be particularly useful for people prone to unconscious falls.

Despite having a number of health problems, it has meant that John has hitherto been able to stay living independently in his own home.

John said: “The falls alarm pendant is so clever – I press the button and a voice says “Mr Telling, can I help you?” It’s always a friendly voice. It’s good to know that so many people are looking after me.”

Over 6,000 vulnerable people across the city benefit from the ‘telecare’ equipment Carelink Plus supplies. The equipment is easy to use, very discreet and helps people to live safely and independently.

For further information about Carelink Plus please:

  • Telephone (01273) 673105
  • Visit www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/carelinkplus
  • Email CareLinkPlus@brighton-hove.gov.uk