• Emma Lake – Hangleton Primary (EL)
  • Damien Jordan – Fairlight Primary (DJ)
  • Rachel Kershaw – St Margaret’s (RK)


  • Kate Williams – Longhill (KW)
  • Ashley Harrold – Blatchington Mill (Chair) (AH)

Secondary Business Manager

  • Jimmy Hollingworth – Longhill (JH)

Primary Business Manager

  • Sarah Wilks – Hangleton Primary (SW)

Local Authority

  • Richard Barker (RB)
  • Louise Hoten (LH)
  • Steve Williams (SW)
  • Ken Simpson (not present) (KS)

Welcome and apologies

DJ agreed to chair the meeting and apologies were accepted from AH and KW all other members were in attendance. 

Actions: AH

Minutes of previous meeting – 23 November 2020

RB provided an update on the request to consider a ‘Covid clause’ in SLAs between schools and the council. After consideration it was not seen how anything meaningful could be applied where SLAs cover services continuing to be delivered and where staffing levels are not changing.

The minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.   

Actions: AH

Information/feedback from Headteachers including latest position relating to Covid-19

Clarification on the position of Free School Meals and free meals to those in school was sought. RB provided an update that the intention was to continue to use Huggg, that vouchers would increase to £15 (for schools in the school meals contract) and a decision on extending the offer of free meals was awaited. Positive feedback was received about the local arrangements and concern expressed about the possible reintroduction of a nationwide Edenred system. 

It was requested that a note went around to teams, especially schools finance to remind people of the significant pressure that school business managers were under currently. It was described that they were having to manage the impact of having no up to date utility bill information on which to forecast the school’s financial position. 

  • Action – a note to be circulated around teams 

It was requested that we remind SBM what schemes remained open for schools to claim for Covid costs.

  • Action – SW to re-circulate information provided at last SF meeting

It was noted that catch up funding and reimbursement of costs may have an impact on the end of year carry forward for schools and this needed to be explained when presented to any other audiences. It will show a more positive position than was the case. 

  • Actions: All

School Budgets 2021/22

  • Schools Block 2021/22
  • Provisional School 2021/22 Budgets

SW introduced the papers and explained the context. 

The impact of the Minimum Per Pupil Funding factor was discussed, and clarification was sought if it affected more schools from last year and if the amounts of money had increased. The group remained concerned about the impact but understood this is now a mandatory factor.

It was requested that this information was compared to the list if schools with licensed deficits and overlaid with information on carry forwards. This will be discussed at the next meeting 

  • Action – present data as requested at next meeting

The group also raised a query about what the impact of the change in PAN will have on schools especially those affected by changes in their budgets.

SW also highlighted the potential headroom that schools could benefit from as a result of an increase in overall funding and restricted pay awards.   

  • Actions: SW

Any Other Business

RB outlined that further discussion will take place about the Long Term Sick scheme but in the absence of significant objection it is likely the approach is one that will be confirmed.

DJ outlined to the group that the way the primary school leaders are structuring their collective work is changing and more details will be provided in due course.   

  • Actions: All

Date of next meeting(s)

No further dates are in the diary but this will be scheduled in the coming days.

  • Action – further meeting dates scheduled.  
  • Actions- All