Chair: Abigail Hone, Project Manager  (AH)

Alasdair Glass, Conservation of the Built Environment (AG)
Bill Puddicombe, Events (BP)
Bill Smith, Tourism (BS)
Dan Lake, Events (DL)
Derek Wright, Residents (DW)
James McKeown, Events (JM)
Rohun Bouri, Tourism (RBi)
Rupert Radcliffe-Genge, Conservation of the Built Environment (RRG)
Sarah Jones, Panel Secretariat (Notes) (SJ) 


Alan Towler, Business (AT)
David Toscano, Business (DT)
James Farrell, Conservation of the Natural Environment (JF)
Jax Atkins, Residents (JA)
Rebecca Bunker, Residents (RBr)
Stephen Whitehurst, Business (SW)

Action summary

  • Re-circulate September minutes for approval prior to publication. (AH)
  • Panel Members who would like to volunteer to be CIO trustee to contact PD. (All)
  • Draft objects of CIO constitution and circulate for review. (BP / All)
  • Circulate CMP to AP members week commencing 2nd November for review within 2 weeks of receipt. (AH / All)
  • Identify access representative. (AH)
  • Create poster to advertise in Peter Pan café for parents to become reps. (RBi)
  • Set up 2021 meetings monthly on Thursdays 6pm-8pm. (SJ)
  • Panel Members who would like Madeira Terrace Christmas cards to contact JA, DW or RBr. (All)


Panel agreed to approve meeting minutes from previous meeting for publication on website at following meeting.

Panel agreed that Shelter Hall on Madeira Terrace be named Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall in future documentation/reports

Actions from last meeting

  • AH to invite Ian Taylor of council Events Team to come to the next meeting. Done.
  • AH to explore whether the council was making more money from events before Terrace was closed off. Done.
  • BP to explore setting up CIO. Done.
  • SJ to add CIO as an agenda item at next meeting. Done.
  • AH to resolve with Communications Team their concerns about publishing Panel meeting minutes online. Done.
  • SJ to add Survey as Agenda item at the next meeting. Closed.
  • AH proposed that Panel approves minutes of meeting for publication at following meeting. Panel agreed.
  • Abby briefed panel on her amendments to minutes. Action: AH to re-circulate for approval prior to publication.
  • Abby advised Panel that Madeira Terrace Project Board had proposed Shelter Hall on Madeira Drive be renamed Shelter Hall East to avoid confusion with Shelter Hall new business by Palace Pier; Advisory Panel agreed with the caveat that it be called Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall. 

Horizon Scan

P&R committee 8th October: AH’s report recommendations were noted and decision-making powers delegated to Nick Hibberd; Nick Hibberd still giving final agreement to RIBA 1 report and Design Team going ahead with Riba Stage 2 in the meantime; Councillors Ebel and Heley had been briefed by AH; AH will update council web pages with report content and proposals.

Link to Masterplan from web pages planned; Design Team to start work on design concept; process for adoption of Conservation Management Plan is being started. 

Faithful & Gould have put new project manager in post; AH to induct in November.

Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

BP briefed the meeting on the benefits of the setting up a CIO independent of the council: this would be a vehicle to raise funds from trusts and foundations for various phases of the project and offers more avenues for fundraising. JA, AT and DL had already voiced their approval of the idea to BP. Four to five members of the Panel would need to stand as Trustees. The CIO would be answerable to its own Trustees and independent of the local authority. AH noted that there was no requirement for council to get involved in CIO; she agreed it would be beneficial to the project. BP offered to draw up a constitution.

  • Action: Panel Members who would like to volunteer to be CIO trustee to contact PD. 
  • Action: BP to draft objects of constitution and circulate for review. 

Panel Members thanked Bill for his work in bringing this to the Panel’s attention. 

Conservation Management Plan (CMP)

AH advised the Panel that the CMP was intended to be used as background guidance to any works affecting Madeira Terrace. As part of the consultation procedure, the Panel will review the CMP before it is sent on to Historic England and Victorian Society, followed by the Planning Conservation Officer then members to be agreed by Committee. 

  • Action: AH to re-circulate CMP to AP members week commencing 2nd November with a deadline for review within 2 weeks of receipt. 

Any other business

Disabled access representation on the Panel: Panel agreed for AH to approach groups working with Seafront Office to identify a nominee to join the Panel. RRG proposed including a representative for the needs of parents and children. Action: AH to identify access representative.

  • Action: RBi to draw up poster to advertise for parents in Peter Pan café. 

AH asked Toni Manuel (TM) of the Seafront Team about interim western end management of appearance at Madeira Drive. TM had discussed introducing green wall in a regularly graffittied area with James Farrell, however she has advised AH that this is not viable as they are unable to maintain a water supply in that area. TM is organising the re-rendering of sections of the wall which are regularly graffitied with anti-graffiti coating, once contractor is in place. She is also considering whether to tender for opportunities to use the space above the Colonnade. AG cautioned that care should be taken that the anti-graffiti coating selected does not affect the fabric of the wall or the ability of the plants to adhere to it.

  • Action: AH to feedback to TM.

BP requested a ‘blended’ Zoom meeting to include meeting room at Sussex Beacon offices with several Panel Members present. Panel agreed; Action: BP to organise.

  • Action: Sarah to set up 2021 meetings monthly on Thursdays 6pm-8pm.
  • Action: Panel Members who would like Madeira Terrace Christmas cards to contact JA, DW or RBr.