Chair: Abigail Hone, Project Manager  (AH)

Alasdair Glass, Conservation of the Built Environment (AG)
Bill Puddicombe, Events (BP)
Bill Smith, Tourism (BS)
Dan Lake, Events (DL)
Derek Wright, Residents (DW)
James McKeown, Events (JM)
Rupert Radcliffe-Genge, Conservation of the Built Environment (RRG)
Alan Towler, Business (AT)
James Farrell, Conservation of the Natural Environment (JF)
Rebecca Bunker, Residents (RBr)
Sarah Jones, Panel Secretariat (Notes) (SJ)
Ian Taylor, Head of Outdoor Events, Brighton & Hove City Council


David Toscano, Business (DT)
Jax Atkins, Residents (JA)
Rohun Bouri, Tourism (RBi)
Stephen Whitehurst, Business (SW)

Action summary

  • Circulate CIO Trustee opportunity to JF (BP)
  • Re-circulate CIO objectives for comment (All)
  • Circulate draft Constitution for review for next meeting (BP)
  • Comment on draft Constitution (All)
  • Create poster to advertise in Peter Pan café for parents to become reps (RBi)
  • JM will forward feedback received from Dan Watson of Events Team about events organisers to IT and AH (JM)
  • Send supporting material for Levelling Up Fund application to RRG (All)
  • Circulate NLHF proforma (AH)
  • Contact CityParks for help with vegetation maintenance at the eastern end of the Terrace at Dukes Mound before spring 2020 (AH)
  • AH to contact Brighton Access Disability and Possability People about disabled users’ access (AH)
  • Contact council GDPR advisor to get information on how to consult with third party contacts (AH)
  • Invite Assistant Director Culture Tourism and Sport to the next meeting (AH)
  • Advise AH of any business nominees (All)


Panel unanimously agreed to put in a bid for Round 1 of ‘Levelling-up fund’ in Jan to Feb 2020 (All).

Actions and minutes from last meeting

  • Re-circulate September minutes for approval prior to publication. Done.
  • Panel Members who would like to volunteer to be CIO trustee to contact BP - JA, BL and RBr have volunteered so far. Action: BP to re-circulate to JF 
  • Draft objects of CIO constitution and circulate for review. Done.
  • Circulate CMP to AP members week commencing 2nd November for review within 2 weeks of receipt. Done, see notes.
  • Identify representative for Access sector. Done, see notes.
  • Create poster to advertise in Peter Pan café for parents to become reps. Carried forward.
  • Set up 2021 meetings monthly on Thursdays 6pm to 8pm. Done.
  • Panel Members who would like Madeira Terrace Christmas cards to contact JA, DW or RBr. Ongoing.

AH had changes to minutes from October’s meeting

Panel agreed to approve meeting minutes from previous meeting for publication on website at following meeting.

Panel agreed that Shelter Hall on Madeira Terrace be named Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall in future documentation/reports.

AH advised the Panel that the Conservation Management Plan was intended to be used as background guidance to any works affecting Madeira Terrace. Matters arising from this involved further discussion with Planning and Katharine Pearce – who has been working on seafront development projects for number of years. Agreed some changes to consultation process – hence email part way through consultation process with sectors.

AH asked Toni Manuel (TM) of the Seafront Team about interim western end management of appearance at Madeira Drive. TM had discussed introducing green wall in a regularly graffitied area with James Farrell, however she has advised AH that this is not viable as they are unable to maintain a water supply in that area.

Panel approved minutes of October meeting for publication.

Ian Taylor, Events Manager – Q and A

Q: Can a member of the events team remind us of the different charges that are levied by the council and how the income is spent?

We understand it stays in the Events budget and subsidises the charges that charity events pay.

A: The scale of charges for renting Madeira Drive is set by Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture Committee annually and rise in line with inflation.

In 2020 the 4 levels of charging are:

  • £9,700 commercial
  • £3,000 charity
  • £1,900 enthusiasts
  • £1,730 community use

IT noted that the community charge may be waived; this has been done, for example for Children’s Parade.

The revenue is ring-fenced to revenue budget, paying for the service provided by three officers on the team; filming; outside advertising; and subsidising community events for which rates are waived.

Annual revenue is in the region of £60,000 to £70,000.

In reply to a further question, IT confirmed that the economic value of an event to the city is considered when accepting the booking, but such an event is not automatically charged at the highest rate.

Q: We have talked about using that income to pay for the future maintenance of Madeira Terrace, can this be discussed?

A: IT confirmed that events revenue is ring-fenced to events budget and can only be spent on running the service and funding events.

Such a decision would be discussed by members at the appropriate committee.

RRG asked if the current limit of 28 days pa on events could be increased.

IT confirmed this would be done under separate powers: the East Sussex Act gives the council delegated responsibility to shut the road for 28 days during the year.

To shut it for any further days, council would follow the procedure for any other road closure, that is by applying to Highways Committee and Highways England to shut the road.

Q: How do our events charges compare to other events charges, for example Goodwood, Portsmouth, Eastbourne (Airbourne), Worthing?

A: IT confirmed that events charges are benchmarked regularly - last time in 2018 - against similar Local Authorities, like Oxford, Bristol, Eastbourne.

Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) charges more than most of those places, towards the top end of scale.

The council never compares its charges to private venues such as Goodwood.

Q: What sort of new events would the Events Team suggest that fit the criteria of being easy to arrange and bringing in a lot of money?

A: IT suggested events like the Speed Trials, meaning commercial events in which seafront is closed and admission charged.

However, it’s not practical for Madeira Terrace to host a large event with major infrastructure: a 5 to 6-day road closure to build infrastructure would not be popular or viable.

The Terrace as a venue lends itself to low impact events with little infrastructure that are quick to build. As a venue it is unattractive to market traders as it only offers a 7-month season.

BP asked if the road needed to be open.

Obviously open road brings in revenue from parking, traders, and so on, but if the road were closed it would be more attractive to events organisers as it would be easier to set up.

This is the experience of Half Marathon who need 5 days to set up every year with road open.

BS asked IT about the feasibility of a 7-month season of events, with the Terrace as a grandstand for weekend events; he also proposed a Children’s Olympics for 1 month.

IT confirmed he would be happy for the Terrace to be used as often as possible.

JF asked if IT knew of any wider work that had looked at the net economic benefit of events that take place on the front and distinguishes between types of events: what would be the biggest benefit for city?

IT confirmed 2018 to 2019 economic impact to the city:

  • Marathon £4m
  • Pride £14m to £15m
  • Veterans’ Car Run £1.1m

Events organisers are required to produce an Economic Impact Assessment for each event.

AG asked if events could be used to lengthen season and fill hotels at unpopular times.

IT advised that part of Tourism and Visitor Strategy is to offer events for residents year-round and recent Events Strategy focused on quiet times, like Christmas in the city.

IT confirmed that seafront events are forming a part of the £4bn development fund bid for Black Rock Enabling works to the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

DL asked for IT’s view on how Madeira Terrace would interact with other events spaces in the city like Black Rock.

IT emphasised the importance of the projects working together on this.

Q: Do the events team think it feasible to charge for spectating on the walkways?

Can the other areas be more exploited – the beachfront, above the Colonnade, on the wide footpath, the square in front of Volks Railway by Banjo Groyne, the concrete squares on the beach, Black Rock now and/or after it’s been re-surfaced?

A: IT confirmed that it is possible to charge spectators on Madeira Terrace viewing platform; however, it is not feasible to charge on the other public areas mentioned.

Q: Conservation Management Plan will go through consultation exercise. How best could we engage with wider events organisers and users?

A: IT advised setting up a panel of local events organisers and producers to encompass more of the local scene; IT could broker introductions.

Q: AH asked for IT’s view on including grass verges in front of the Terrace.

A: IT confirmed that these prove problematic for events in terms of infrastructure and expense.

JM confirmed he had received feedback from Dan Watson of Events Team about events organisers. Action: JM will forward to IT and AH.

IT offered to include a message from Advisory Panel in his email to Madeira Drive events organisers about consent for road closures.

Horizon Scan

  • Initial application to Historic England for research and development grant to support exploration via Purcell
  • Internal discussions taking place to formulate CMP consultation process.
  • Design Team starting on concept design work
  • Faithful and Gould have put forward a new project manager to replace Luke
  • Donna Chisholm, Assistant Director Culture Tourism and Sport – AH has met with her to ensure MT30 Business Plan fits with her operationally as the Seafront Development Team who will administer it are in her Directorate
  • AH has been finding out information about the hotel laundry arch
  • AH has met informally with planning officers to develop pre-App, with a formal meeting scheduled for next month
  • Swan Foundry is closing and will donate their patterns for Madeira Terrace
  • Briefed Green Group and Labour Group on project progress
  • AH has discussed with Beach Access Team (BAT) about access considerations
  • AH discussed with cost consultant how to manage restoration, site of repair of cast iron in particular
  • Updated web pages due December

Charitable Incorporated Organisation - objectives

Several panel members had volunteered to be trustees.

DL had asked if the objectives were precise enough. BP had used objectives drawn up by Charity Commission and already agreed for other charities but is happy to make any changes put forward.

He will then put together a constitution using Charity Commission’s standard document. Action: BP to re-circulate objectives for comment. BP to incorporate comments into draft Constitution which he’ll circulate for review for next meeting.

Conservation Management Plan (CMP) consultation

AH has communicated a revised process.

DL expressed concern about the circulation and consultation of CMP with community groups; he had already consulted with events organisers before new process was communicated.

Council Heritage Officer had produced expanded list of consultee organisations and sectors to be invited to comment on CMP besides the Advisory Panel, none of which included events organisers. He was therefore concerned that their voice would shrink in the consultation process.

DL pointed out that living heritage – a grandstand with events at the heart of the structure from the very beginning - should be a part of the restoration.

AG pointed out that when upgrading the structure to Grade 2*, Historic England considered the current value of the structure to the community alongside the historic and heritage value.

AH will invite council officers from relevant areas to the Panel representatives to consult on the CMP.

JM advised that Ian Taylor and Dan Watson of the Outdoor Events Team had forwarded documents to outdoor events organisers on the Panel’s behalf; he had received feedback from a small number of organisers. Action: AH to contact council GDPR advisor to get information on how to consult with third party contacts.

Government’s ‘Levelling-Up’ fund

AT advised panel that the project appears to qualify for the government’s £4bn ‘levelling-up fund’.

Panel unanimously agreed to put in a bid for Round 1 in Jan to Feb 2020. RRG says no restriction on applying again.

Panel agreed to start assembling material on economic impact, regeneration, and so on.

RRG offered to the repository for the material; Action: All to send supporting material to RRG.

Lottery funds how you apply for funding pages. Action: AH to circulate NLHF proforma.

Any other business

JF requested council’s help for vegetation maintenance at the eastern end of Dukes Mound before spring 2020, in the absence of volunteers due to COVID-19 restrictions. Action: AH to contact Parks Team.

Disabled users’ access: AH spoke to the Beach Access Team; as their focus is the beach, they signposted AH to Brighton Access Disability and Possability People. Action: AH to contact groups advised.

Panel accepted AH’s offer to invite Assistant Director Culture Tourism and Sport to the next meeting to give strategic overview of the area and the eastern seafront. Action: AH to invite Assistant Director Culture Tourism and Sport to the next meeting.

Design Team will look at Urban Design Framework.

AH advised Panel that David Toscano is stepping down due to COVID-19 restrictions on hospitality sector. Action: Panel to advise AH of any business nominees.

Next meeting 28 January 2021.