Chair: Abigail Hone, Project Manager  (AH)

Alasdair Glass, Conservation of the Built Environment (AG)
Bill Puddicombe, Events (BP)
Dan Lake, Events (DL)
Derek Wright, Residents (DW)
James Farrell, Conservation of the Natural Environment (JF)
Rebecca Bunker, Residents (RBr)
Rupert Radcliffe-Genge, Conservation of the Built Environment (RRG)
Sarah Jones, Panel Secretariat (Notes) (SJ)


Alan Towler, Business (AT)
Bill Smith, Tourism (BS)
James McKeown, Events (JM)
Jax Atkins, Residents (JA)
Stephen Whitehurst, Business (SW)

Action summary

  • Create poster to advertise in Peter Pan café for parents to become reps (RBi)
  • Forward feedback received from Dan Watson of Events Team about events organisers to IT and AH (JM)
  • Contact CityParks for help with vegetation maintenance at the eastern end of the Terrace at Dukes Mound before spring 2021 (AH)
  • AH to contact Julia Weeks of Tourism Alliance with more information on nominating as Tourism rep (AH)
  • Send January minutes for publication (SJ)
  • SJ to circulate Black Rock newsletter to Panel Members (SJ)
  • Approach new community contacts to ask if they can nominate a business rep (RRG)
  • Forward Design Team email re. solar panels (AH)
  • Ask Design Team how decking material options have been weighted (AH)
  • Request Black Rock project team funds communications and outreach on site (AH)

1. Actions and minutes from last meeting

  • Create poster to advertise in Peter Pan café for parents to become reps. Carried forward.
  • Forward feedback received from Dan Watson of Events Team about events organisers to IT and AH. Carried forward.
  • Contact CityParks for help with vegetation maintenance at the eastern end of the Terrace at Dukes Mound before spring 2021. Carried forward.
  • Contact Brighton Access Disability and Possability People about disabled users’ access. Abby has made contact and is awaiting response. Done.
  • Approach Sea Lanes to nominate for Business rep. BP is awaiting response. Done.
  • Contact Tourism Alliance for nominees as Tourism rep. Julia Weeks of Tourism Alliance may nominate herself or recommend someone; AH to contact her with more information.
  • Send January minutes for publication. With Donna Chisholm for approval. Carried forward.
  • Contact Katharine Pearce to discuss tamarisk removal. Awaiting reply although the removal is well underway. Done.
  • Find out when access to Marina from Black Rock will be installed and report back. This will be done early 2022. The project team has just released latest newsletter to engage with local community and new website has gone live. SJ to circulate to Panel Members.
  • Remind Purcell to address DL’s drawings. Done. See below.
  • Ask Purcell to confirm they have fully considered the options for incorporating solar panels, e.g. solar walkways. Done.
  • Ask Purcell if they have considered spiral ramp. Done.
  • Those Panel members who do not have a photo or biography on the Advisory Panel website page to please provide directly to SJ. Done.
  • Please submit any ideas on how we can use RRG’s new community contacts directly to RRG. Done. RRG to make contact to ask if they can nominate a business rep.

2. Horizon Scan

AH updated the Panel on the latest developments in MT30 project.

RIBA Stage 2 report has been issued to AH incomplete; Faithful and Gould are working on whole life costings for inclusion. Once complete AH will circulate to Project Board and Advisory Panel for feedback; Panel and AH agreed to at least 3 weeks to consult with community.

RIBA 2 stage will be longer than anticipated so start on site has been put back to February 2022.

Policy and Resources Committee has delegated authority to Nick Hibberd to agree RIBA stages 2 and 3 with the Project Board.

AH has approached planning consultants to assist with planning application and is awaiting quotes.

AH has commissioned BIM (Building Information Management) Point Cloud survey with REVIT model. This produces a digital 3D model of the whole Terrace. Benefits are that it tracks and monitors components and illustrates how they can interface with solid structures and utilities. Survey starts 1 March on-site and it takes 6 to 8 weeks to produce the model.

CMP draft 4 has been issued; Paul Bassi is setting up consultation workshops.

Brighton University students are doing a study on potential for food growing at Madeira Terrace.

Ownership insurance and maintenance remit for the Terrace: annual structural inspection and maintenance needs to continue until the structure is handed over to the contractor at which point Major Projects Team will be responsible.

AH is requesting feedback from Highways for inclusion in informal pre-app.

AH will update web pages in March.

Laundry arch site visit scheduled for next week. JF reminded Panel of the musical heritage of this site.

Jim Roberts of Fourth Street will brief AH next week on potential revenue from Phase 1.

3. RIBA 2 draft report

Abby shared the report with the panel.

Capacity for change: character zones; where more radical interventions can be made; eastern end set piece of restoring original structure so not so radical change possible there.

Cast iron repair and conservation priorities: heritage and material features, how they are weighted in terms of their structural and architectural significance and how that dictates the rate of intervention.

Deck replacement options: concrete deck has a high structural significance but a low architectural (heritage) significance; the recommendation is for full replacement of the deck as the embedded steel beams are so damaged. Option A in-situ concrete; Option B pre-cast concrete; Option C Timber; Option D interchangeable surface tiles. Option B pre-cast concrete had the best outcome with good durability and low comparative cost. This was Design Team’s preferred option.

RRG noted that Option D’s versatility would suggest it would be cheaper than the other options in its life term. He also wondered whether there were no other materials available for this use than timber or concrete as these are the only options set out in the report.

AG pointed out the practicality and suitability to the project of the option that allows pre-formed pieces to be brought on site for assembly.

Action: AH to forward email re. solar panels to the panel.

JF wondered how the options had been weighted and if this had discounted low carbon sustainability options; he questioned whether we want lowest common denominator materials on this project or low carbon methods. AH advised options were dictated by available budget; JF felt the Project Board should be briefed on this to make a judgement based on the council’s carbon neutral target. Action: AH to ask Design Team how options have been weighted.

AG pointed out that the cost summaries of each option have not taken into account the speed of construction or the length of time Madeira Terrace will be closed for works and public access disrupted. More than just project costs, also effect on the locality. AH will consider this when reviewing the draft report.

Lift and ramp access

Options suggested for alternative access to lift from deck to Madeira Drive were spiral staircase or ramp. The proposed site for single lift at Royal Crescent steps has been moved slightly further east as there is an opening on Madeira Drive at the original site; proposed increasing to double lift to reduce waiting times which is a heavier intervention. Design Team is recommending 4 lifts across the whole Terrace. Ramp access: to scale a DDA compliant ramp would be of such a length that Design Team is recommending this not be included in the first phase, i.e. immediately west of Concorde 2 due; they are recommending a site in the centre of the Terrace, one staircase west of Royal Crescent steps. AG pointed out it could be easier to install in the western end of the Terrace where heritage is less significant than the eastern end; also that there is a good reason to have the lift at the same point as the stairs so that people who can use the stairs will be able to use that option, increasing capacity of the lift and reducing waiting time.

Design Team suggesting re-activating the Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall lift to the deck level or installing a (spiral) staircase. This would be available year-round without operator. RRG pointed out that the lift would not be available when Concorde 2 is operating, also not an appealing or practical solution in bad weather.

Panel discussed Design Team’s option of infilling 5 arches to west of Concorde 2 with fixed units which could be used as backroom facility for major events or a community space; JF pointed out this was the site of the oldest part of the green wall; RRG recalled Design Team had committed to not filling in any arches; DL felt it would be useful for back office function during an event but was not the right location to be useful, preferring the western end; AG suggested a better place would be the less sensitive western end of the terrace; Concorde 2 had originally expressed a preference to be able to use any infilled arches provided; DW/RB pointed out that this, as a permanent structure, would not be expected by residents as not permanent structure: a pop-up facility would be preferred.

Rake illustrated on report is not steep enough to see Madeira Drive; Panel asked if it could be made steeper, or if temporary seating could be included under the arches instead.

4. Any other business

Budget council: Panel noted if the proposed amendment goes through there will be money for the next 2 phases.

Link to Brighton Gasworks consultation provided for reference.

JF asked if Black Rock money could be released to fund interpretation and on-site communication about MT30 plans, taking advantage of the interest raised by the signage at Black Rock. DW advised that on social media residents are reporting they don’t know anything about the project and believe nothing is happening. Panel felt this, along with delayed start on site, would generate bad feeling so it is important to demonstrate to residents and visitors what is going on. Action: AH will request support to reach out on site.

DW raised that the shipping container on Madeira Drive was not being used; AH agreed and advised that once Covid-19 restrictions were lifted the container would be rented out again.

Panel requested permission to attach temporary ads to the tall fencing; AH had been told this was impossible due to high winds but DL pointed out there are notices on the fencing about parking and events so not unreasonable for MT30 project to use the fence for communication.

BP advised the Panel that he will be applying for charity commission.