The design team were appointed in May 2020 and have started working on the first phase of the restoration, known as MT30 due to the aim to restore a minimum of 30 out of the 151 arches that make up Madeira Terrace.

The team are currently working through RIBA stages to explore options for where the first phase of restoration will be and produce detailed plans for the work needed to restore 30 arches.

Who will be in the design team and what will they do?

The team of professionals working hard to make the restoration happen include:

Purcell  who are the architects appointed to lead and co-ordinate the different design team disciplines to produce feasible designs. 

The team from Purcell have extensive experience with heritage architecture and cast-iron structures and a good understanding of the challenges involved in bringing sustainable approaches to a heritage restoration project.  

HOP  are civil, marine, and structural engineers.  They will be verifying the structural integrity of Madeira Terrace to help the team understand how much of the existing structure can be re-used and restored. 

Stantec’s mechanical & electrical engineering team are looking at mechanical and electrical elements of the designs such as lighting,  the feasibility of introducing greater accessibility with a lift, and exploring how to use the natural resources already available to the area (sun, wind, rain) to provide power and water to Madeira Terrace. 

Landscape Projects are the landscape architects focussing on the conservation and integrity of the Green Wall, access to Madeira Terrace and  identifying new planting which could be introduced to support greater biodiversity, create shelter and help manage the impact of a changing climate.

Faithful & Gould (F&G) are appointed as specialist project managers who will assist Purcell in co-ordinating the work of the design team and reporting progress to the council.  They will go on to manage and co-ordinate the appointment of contractors undertaking restoration and construction works. 

RLF are cost consultants appointed to assess costs of restoration options, they draw market comparisons for materials needed to estimate costs for restoration and construction.  They will ensure all forms of carbon are accounted for in line with the council’s pledge for the city to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Fourth Street are specialists in Business Planning for heritage and cultural assets like Madeira Terrace.  They will recommend a business model for the first phase of restoration of 30 arches and for the rest of the Terrace and advise on how to bring in the funding necessary for restoration of the whole Terrace.

The whole team will explore how Circular Economy principles can be applied to the restoration and re-use of the Terrace, for example through sourcing materials locally where possible. 

How the finished terrace could look

Designs will be sensitive to the structure’s unique heritage and the Green Wall which predates the Terrace.

Some commercial and community uses could be placed in the arches of Madeira Terrace if there is a business case to do so.  There may also be open arches where the green wall can be fully exposed and appreciated.

Architects impression