The project to restore Madeira Terrace is an enormous task. And due to the funding currently secured for the project, we’re taking a phased approach to restore the structure.

The Design Team proposed a phasing plan for the restoration of the whole Terrace. It explored potential options for where the first phase of restoration could take place.

    The upper walkway of Madeira Terrace with a person in high-vis clothing in the distance.

    The first phase of restoration will be directly west of the Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall (also known as Concorde 2) to the cliff steps opposite Royal Crescent.

    It restores the Terrace as an outdoor destination, with a focus on:

    • community health and wellbeing
    • outdoor events

    Why we chose to restore this section first

    One benefit of the first phase of restoration is that once phase 1 is done, one half of the original Terrace will be saved and repaired.

    The restored arches close to Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall will also improve the area around this important building.

    The chosen arches are already in a cluster of existing activity around Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall and Sea Lanes. So, restoring this part of the Terrace as the first phase will support more people visiting this area and the existing businesses within it.

    We also have a strong aspiration to repair and upgrade the existing historic lift to function year-round and improve accessibility, including the reinstatement of public access from the lift to the upper deck as a walkway and viewing platform for events held on Madeira Drive.

    Other key features in phase 1

    new lift and staircase adjacent to Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall (Concorde 2). This will allow step free access to connect with a ‘Sun Terrace’ area above Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall.

    An aspiration to refurbish the lift at Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall. We want to explore possible ways it can be used all year, without needing to go through Concorde 2.

    Repair and upgrade the deck above the Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall and itsbalustrade. This will allow public access through the refurbished lift, and the new lift and staircase between Madeira Drive and the deck.

    Infrastructure support for pop-up events and markets.

    The use of arches is flexible. Small temporary buildings can use them on a short-term basis for events without permanent impact on the fabric of the arches or green wall.

    Minimal new permanent structures keep ongoing maintenance costs and set-up infrastructure costs low.

    Repair one existing staircase – the eastern stair of the Royal Crescent Steps.

    new lift at Royal Crescent steps – creating step-free access for everyone.

    Wholesale replacement of the concrete deck.

    Conservation and restoration of the green wall using nearby planting in verges and on the deck. This will help improve biodiversity.

    Designs will be conscious of addressing the Terrace’s Grade 2* listed status, while making sure natural renewable resources are built in. This includes things like:

    • sustainable energy generation through solar
    • water harvesting infrastructure

    A clear aim of the restoration is to bring back the much-valued function of the terrace as a ‘linear stadium’ for viewing events on Madeira Drive.