About Phase 1

The project to restore Madeira Terrace is an enormous task. We have raised enough funding to restore a part of the Terrace and, after consulting with the Design Team and the Advisory Panel, we have selected 40 arches to restore.

Planning permission was granted for Phase 1 of the restoration at Planning Committee on 2 November 2022. 

The first phase of restoration will be directly west of the Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall (also known as Concorde 2) to the cliff steps opposite Royal Crescent.

    An artist's impression of the new, glass fronted, lift on Madeira Terrace. Along with a pedestrianised crossing and improved stairway.

    Phase 1 will restore the Terrace as an outdoor destination, with a focus on:

    • community health and wellbeing
    • outdoor events

    We will restore other sections of the Terrace as funding becomes available

    Key Features in Phase 1

    Here are our plans for Phase 1 of the project which we are sending to Planning Committee for approval. 

    Improving access from Marine Parade will include: 

    • installing a full height single car lift next to Royal Crescent steps

    • repairing and upgrading the stairs opposite Royal Crescent  

    • installing a new staircase from deck level to Madeira Drive, next to Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall 

    • removing 22 existing parking spaces to facilitate crossing Madeira Drive from the Terrace, pedestrian crossings, cycle parking and wayfinding signage 

    When replacing the deck: 

    • there will be permanent planting, landscaping and seating, and fixings for temporary seasonal canopies 

    When restoring the cast iron terrace: 

    • we will conserve the existing cast iron structure as far as possible and we will only re-cast the iron where absolutely necessary

    To encourage biodiversity we'll: 

    • conserve and restore the green wall 

    • reinstate the verges in front of the Terrace 

    • include planting on the deck level 

    There will also be a new lighting scheme under the arches and on the deck, along with options for pop-ups on both the deck and promenade levels to serve various events.