The advisory panel

The advisory panel brings together a mix of community representatives, nominated by themselves or their own community groups.

The panel works with the council to move the Madeira Terrace restoration forward.

The panel represents the following groups from the community: 

  • residents
  • event organisers
  • businesses
  • tourism
  • conservation of the built and natural environment

Who's part of the advisory panel

Alasdair Glass - The Regency Society

Conservation of the Built and Natural Environment 

As a now-retired historic building architect, my aim is to continue to use my experience for the benefit of the community.

I am a member of the Regency Society with a special interest in the conservation of the Victorian heritage of Brighton & Hove. 

I see conservation as the active management of change while protecting the special interest of a historic building.

The conservation of Madeira Terrace should be integral to the preservation and enhancement of the neighbouring conservation areas.

Alasdair Glass is smiling and has short gray hair and a short grey beard. He's wearing glasses and smiling. There is tree behind him with yellow leaves.

James Farrell - Brighton & Hove Building Green

Conservation of the Built and Natural Environment

Madeira Drive is the greenest part of Brighton & Hove’s iconic seafront and home to rare ‘vegetated shingle’ habitat and the longest, oldest green wall in the UK.

My business, Brighton & Hove Building Green, was established in 2006 to promote green roofs and living walls as a contribution to a sustainable Brighton & Hove.

My driving force is to ensure the protection and enhancement of the Madeira Drive Green Wall, as part of the wider establishment of the natural environment in the regeneration of East Brighton seafront.

James Farrell is smiling and has short brown and grey hair and a short brown and grey beard. He is wearing black framed glasses and a black shirt.

Jax Atkins - Save Madeira Terrace Raffle Group 


I've been fundraising and campaigning for the restoration of Madeira Terrace for almost 3 years. To-date our community efforts have raised over £37,000. 

Together with a team of volunteers, I also organise community clean-ups underneath Madeira Terrace to help to keep the area clean and tidy and to show our continued commitment to the area. 

The city has demonstrated how much Madeira Terrace means to them by giving money to the council’s crowdfunding campaign and now they want to see progress.

I will play a part in driving the project forward and also to listen to what the people of Brighton want to see happen here.

Jax Atkins is smiling and has blonde hair with a fringe. Her photo is framed by an illustration of an arch from Madeira Terrace. #SaveMadeiraTerrace is written underneath.

Derek Wright - Save Madeira Terrace Raffle Group


I help run the Facebook groups, Save Madeira Terraces Raffle Group and Madeira Terraces and Black Rock Past Present and Future.

So, I have access to a large group of people who have a direct interest in seeing Madeira Terrace restored.

I also helped organise the successful Madeira Terrace raffles and community clean-ups and am actively involved in current fundraising activities for the terrace.

Derek Wright is smiling and wearing a grey flat cap and glasses. He has a grey mustache.

Rebecca Bunker - Save Madeira Terrace Raffle Group


I grew up in Kemp Town and the Terraces were an important part of my and my children's childhood.

I feel passionately about saving it and seeing it restored to what it once was, I think it’s very important for Brighton to retain some of its historic structures and character.

I’ve helped with the 3 raffles, raising money to be used for the terraces.

I’m a mother and work part-time as well as being admin on these Facebook groups:

  • Brighton people
  • Save Madeira Terraces raffle group
  • Madeira terrace and Black Rock past, present and future
  • Kemp Town Brighton past and present
  • The Brighton Waterfront project past, present and future
Rebecca Bunker has dark brown hair with a fringe.

Rupert Radcliffe-Genge, The Regency Society 

Conservation of the Built and Natural Environment

As a trustee of the Regency Society, I coordinated our donation to the council’s crowdfunding campaign.

Since then, I’ve been following the progress of the Madeira Terrace restoration and have attended meetings with council officers. 

I’m involved with different civic and heritage groups in the city, including the Regency Society, Kemp Town Society, Kingscliffe Society and Brighton Society, whose members could provide valuable advice and support for the benefit of the project.

My aim is to share information with them and be the channel for feeding their opinions and knowledge back to the panel. 

Rupert Radcliffe-Genge has close cut, short light hair and dark eyebrows.

James McKeown - Concorde 2 


Concorde 2 has a vested interest in the future of Madeira Terrace.

Not only because it’s nearby and does day-to-day trading within the terraces, but also because of our active involvement in events on Madeira Drive throughout the year. 

We have extensive knowledge of the terraces and Madeira Drive, as well as the local communities that use our facilities and visit businesses and events in the area.

We work day-to-day with some of the largest local and national event organisers in the UK and can offer valuable insight to their position on the future of the terraces.

Dan Lake


I live in Brighton and work in the outdoor event industry.

As production manager for the Brighton Festival Children’s Parade and Burning the Clocks, I’ve seen how the closure of the Terrace in 2012 had a significant impact upon those events.

I’ve staged productions at many locations across the city for Brighton Festival’s outdoor programme including Blackrock, the Marina and other seafront spots.

I will be a voice for the arts and events industries that are central to the identity of the Brighton & Hove.

The seafront is a major destination for residents and visitors, and the development of Madeira Terrace is important for the future of the city.

Bill Smith - Latest Brighton


Founder and CEO of Latest TV, Latest MusicBar and Currently founding PierFest.

An award-winning musical director, a film maker, composer of musicals and an anti-racist opera, including Holocaust Music from the Life And Death Orchestra. A working songwriter/record producer. 

Founded Brighton magazines, The Punter and The Latest.

Played a key part in starting local radio, Brighton Fringe and FilmPride and has promoted major seafront events and grassroots music and theatre.

Bill Smith is smiling on Brighton Beach. He has light grey hair which is showing underneath a navy baseball cap with a red letter C on the front. He's wearing a mauve hoodie and striped t-shirt.

Harry Smith, Sea Lanes


Sea Lanes plans to deliver The National open Water Swimming Centre®.

This will transform the derelict Peter Pan site on Madeira Drive by delving into its history and culture and reviving competitive and recreational sea-swimming on Brighton Seafront.

Sea Lanes has supported the restoration of the terraces since we began our project. As a team we want to continue and grow that support.

In our short existence we have developed relationships with a number of other local businesses. Where possible have worked together to complement each other’s work for the benefit of the area and local community.

As part of our role on the advisory panel we will continue to engage with local businesses to ensure that their needs are reflected in the restoration of the terraces.

Harry Smith has brown hair, quiffed at the front. He's smiling and wearing a pale blue and white striped Ralph Lauren shirt.