Madeira Terrace 

Madeira Terrace is a Grade 2* listed, 865 metre long stretch of seafront arches and promenade on Madeira Drive in Brighton.

Originally built in the late 1800s, more and more of it has been closed to the public since 2012. This is because the local marine environment has degraded the structure and made it unsafe.

Artist's impression of what Madeira Drive could look like in the future, including pedestrianised areas and more plant life.

The first phase of the restoration will restore part of the structure. It will create social spaces that work with the original design of Madeira Terrace.

What's happening now

The first phase of restoration will be directly west of the Madeira Terrace Shelter Hall (also known as Concorde 2) to the cliff steps opposite Royal Crescent. We plan to start this work in Autumn 2022.

Due to the current level of funding we have for this project and the size of the restoration works we need to do, we’ll be restoring Madeira Terrace in phases.

Stage 3 - spatial co-ordination

The Design Team got approval to start the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) stage 3, spatial co-ordination at the end of April 2021. 

In this stage, the team continue to develop some aspects of the conceptual design work that was explored in RIBA stage 2, concept design.

Design work will take into account the Terrace’s Grade 2* listed status. It will also look at how best to take care of the historic green wall.

Bringing back the 'linear stadium'

A clear aim of the restoration is to bring back the much-valued function of the terrace as a ‘linear stadium’ for viewing events on Madeira Drive. 

Final approval to submit the planning application

The team will carry on working with the community advisory panel before they ask for final approval from the cross-party project board.

Getting this approval will allow the team to submit a planning application in late Autumn 2021 for the restoration works.

If the planning application is approved, the design team will move to the next stage. RIBA stage 4, technical design is scheduled to begin in autumn 2021.

What we've done

The story so far

Find out about the history of the terraces and what has happened since they were closed to the public.

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