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Urgent repairs to Hove Lagoon paddling pool

8 June 2022

The paddling pool at Hove Lagoon has been closed following problems with the under-water surface. 

Freedom Leisure, which manages the pool on the council’s behalf, decided to close the pool for health and safety reasons after the rubber crumb surface began to lift which created trip hazards.

The contractor that carried out the resurfacing in February last year, inspected the pool and agreed to completely replace the underwater surface at no cost to the council. 

Work is due to start in the next few days. 

Regular updates and re-opening dates will be posted on the council and Freedom Leisure websites and at Hove Lagoon. 

Paddling pool season 2022 

Kings Road paddling pool and Saunders Park paddling pool are currently not open due to the national chlorine shortage. The pools will reopen when supplies are restored. 

As the chlorine shortage continues, we need to prioritise and divert all of our remaining supplies to the city’s 3 main swimming pools - King Alfred Leisure Centre, Prince Regent Swimming Complex and St Luke’s Swimming Pool, to keep them open for as long as possible.

Essential repairs

Kings Road paddling pool needs a replacement rubber crumb surface. This work can only be carried out in completely dry conditions, so the best time to do this is during late spring.

The last day of the season is 18 September 2022.