Mytime Active Participation Award

Learning golf skills at the TAKEPART FestivalJudging criteria

This award recognises the work of a community club, group or organisation who can demonstrate that they have increased active participation during the past year. This may be through a particular project or initiative or through the on-going work undertaken by the organisation. Nominations demonstrating that participation from “hard to reach” groups has been increased are particularly sought. Please give examples of projects where appropriate.


Blind Tennis Sussex: This collaborative project between City Cynergy, East Sussex Association for the Blind and Sussex LTA has been recognised for its work to provide opportunities for visually impaired people in Brighton & Hove to participate in regular tennis sessions in the city, making a big difference to lives of people participating.

Highly Commended:

Access Beach at Paddle Round the Pier 2014: Recognised for going above and beyond to support people with disabilities to experience activities in the sea as part of the Paddle event.

Trans Gender Swimming Group This inspirational group provides a welcoming place for people and their friends who identify themselves as Trans to partake in regular swimming and has made a real difference to opportunities for the Trans community.

Brighton & Hove City Cricket Development Group: This partnership has led to over 2000 girls and boys play cricket through the Chance to Shine programme last year and 300 young people join colts sections in local clubs.

Proudly supported by:

Mytime Active Mytime Active is delighted to support the Participation Award. Improving the wellbeing of communities is at the heart of what we do as a social enterprise and we believe everyone has the right to a healthy lifestyle. In partnership with Brighton and Hove City Council, we manage Hollingbury Golf Club and Waterhall Golf Course, and offer affordable value for money memberships; Pay and Play options and lessons for juniors and ladies. We aim to make golf accessible for all. We would like to congratulate all community clubs, groups and organisations who have inspired people to participate in sport.