Hollingbury Golf Course

Hollingbury golf course is an 18 hole former championship downland course The clubhouse and course is leased to The Circle. For more information please phone 01273 567855 or visit the golf course's website.

The clubhouse has stunning views across the South Downs and the south coast.

Although the land is leased as an 18 hole golf course there are a number of Rights of Way and permissive paths throughout the area allowing walkers the ability to enjoy the area away from the main fairways, tees and greens.

Map of the golf course and hole locations. These are described for visually impaired users in the table below.

Hole number Direction from previous hole
1 South-West of map (start)
2 South-East
3 East
4 North
5 East
6 East
7 North-West
8 North
9 South-East
10 South
11 East
12 North-East
13 North
14 West
15 North
16 West
17 South-West
18 South

Ex-golf course at Waterhall

Waterhall no longer operates as a golf course. We plan to carry out the rewilding of the area.

The area is within the South Downs National Park and is accessible via a footpath at the bottom of Waterhall playing fields.

This lovely part of Sussex downland is accessible to members of the public for walking or for daily exercise however we would encourage dog walkers to keep their dogs under close control and for dog walkers and walkers to take any waste away with them to help protect the countryside.