Seafront bylaws and accessibility

Our guide shows what is and isn't permitted on beaches, as well as how we're making the seafront more accessible.

Bathing and Boating Bylaws


The bathing Bylaws cover the seafront from Hove Lagoon to Saltdean.

The Bylaws create 10 bathing areas from May to September inclusive every year. These bathing beaches are at:

  • Braemore Road 
  • King Alfred
  • Second Avenue
  • West Pier
  • West Street
  • Palace Pier
  • Kemptown Slopes
  • Ovingdean
  • Rottingdean
  • Saltdean.

For exact locations and additional information about the seafront, there are information boards at all the main entrances to the seafront.


When lifeguards are on duty on the bathing beaches a system of red and yellow flags are flown to show where you can swim. It is always a good idea to speak with the lifeguard and ask about local sea conditions.


Vessels propelled either by motor or sail are not permitted to enter these bathing areas during May to September inclusive. Vessels powered by sail may use the waters everywhere else along the 11km of seafront.

From May to September motorised craft can only come with 200 metres of the beach at designated areas. These are at: 

  • Hove Lagoon 
  • Westbourne Villas 
  • Adelaide Crescent
  • Ship Street 
  • Royal Crescent 
  • Lewes Crescent. 

At all times of the year, motorised craft may not exceed a speed of 5 nautical miles per hour within 200 metres of the shoreline, and must not exceed 10 nautical miles per hour within 400 metres of the shoreline.

Between October and April inclusive, there are no designated bathing areas. Vessels powered by sail or motor may use all of the beaches provided that the motorised craft keep within the speed limit.

Download a copy of the Beach Bylaws.