Dog Friendly Beaches - map

This map shows the location of dog friendly beaches across Brighton & Hove. The areas highlighted in the red crossed boxes are the dog friendly areas.

From 1 May to 30 September dogs are only permitted on certain beaches, we call these 'dog friendly' beaches.

Where possible we have a sign on each entrance to the beaches advising if dogs are allowed or not. From 1 October to 30 April, dogs are permitted on all beaches.

Location description high Season - 1 May to 30 Sept

West Hove

Beaches in front of Hove Lagoon from beach hut 457, east to beach hut 376.

Central Hove

Beaches south of the bowling greens from beach hut 212, east to beach hut 153 (Hove Street South).

East Hove

One beach in front, and one beach to the east of Hove Lawns Cafe.

West Brighton

The beach in front of the Peace Statue and Meeting Place Cafe, and east to the large groyne with the life-ring.

Central Brighton

No dog friendly beaches.

East Brighton

South of the Volks Railway Aquarium Station and running east, all the way to the Marina wall.

Roedean to Rottingdean

All beaches running east, from the marina wall to the edge of Rottingdean main beach, opposite the White Horse Hotel.

Rottingdean to Saltdean

All beaches east of the large hand-railed groyne (just east of Rottingdean main beaches) along to the 3 main Saltdean beaches, in front of the tunnel.