Beach huts and chalets

How to rent or buy a beach hut or chalet by the seafront.

Beach huts

Council sites for beach huts are on Hove Promenade. There are terms and conditions about the condition, decoration and use of the huts.


We grant licences for you to place a beach hut on a site. 

The licence fee for 2023 to 2024 is £503.60 including VAT.

Paying your licence

You can pay your beach hut licence fee online through our secure server.

Go to our payments page and select 'CCT / BHCC invoice' from the left-hand menu. 

Follow the instructions to make your payment. 

Buying and selling beach huts

The sale of a beach hut is a private transaction. Find out about availability in the local press or estate agents.

If you sell your beach hut, we will charge an administration fee of £82 for change of ownership.

Please note that:

  • we will not issue licences for multiple site ownership
  • applicants must be Brighton & Hove residents
  • beach hut owners must have their hut for at least 3 years before they can sell

Construction specifications

There are specific rules for the construction and maintenance of your beach hut.

Please contact the Seafront Office for full construction specifications.

You can:

Doors can now be constructed from either panelling or tongue and groove.

Repairing and maintaining your beach hut

Beach hut owners are required, within the terms and conditions of their licences, to repair or replace in accordance with certain details. Read how to repair and maintain your beach hut.

Paint codes

There are specific rules for the painting of your beach hut.

  • Roof and upper sides: BS 4800 14 C35 Gloss
  • Plinth and lower sides: BS 4800 04 D45 Gloss

Doors can be any single solid colour or vertically striped in multiple colours.

Beach chalets

Beach chalets are located in five places along the coast in Brighton & Hove.

  • Hove
  • Madeira Drive​
  • Ovingdean
  • Rottingdean
  • Saltdean

The chalets are of brick construction and there is access to a water standpipe at each location. Electricity and water are provided within the Hove chalets.

The chalets are owned by the council and let by way of a licence agreement. Tenants are responsible for payment of national non-domestic rates.

Beach chalet waiting lists

All of our beach chalets are let at the moment and the waiting list for Brighton & Hove residents to rent a beach chalet is currently closed.

Beach chalet rents

The licence agreement is for a fixed 5 year period. The Licence Fee is reviewed annually on 1 April.

Beach chalet charges for 2023 to 2024 are listed below and include VAT.

  • Hove - £1,673.32
  • Madeira Drive - £1,152.71
  • Ovingdean - £1,093.50
  • Rottingdean - £978.56
  • Saltdean - £978.56

Pay your beach chalet rent online

Go to our payments page and select 'beach hut/chalet rents' from the drop-down list. Then follow the instructions to make your payment.