At Brighton & Hove City Council, we are committed to improving the public toilets and providing family friendly facilities. 

To view sites with larger cubicles for easier access, please see the list of toilet facilities (PDF 500KB).

Family Friendly Sites

We have baby change units at most of the city's public toilets, where space allows. We are continually installing them in new locations wherever it is practical and there is sufficient space.

We also have various sites that offer separate nursing rooms. This allows parents some privacy whilst feeding and changing their babies.

In addition to this we are installing combination toilet seats which enable adult and child use. Where these are installed, the cubicles are brightly decorated with mural stickers to make the experience more fun for young children.

Additions and Improvements

hove lagoon public toilets

Hove Lagoon

This is a location that has been the centre for much of our family friendly alterations. Here we've had themed murals painted in the men's and women's facilities, which creates a fun and child orientated feel.

We have also installed an additional toddler's chair, a baby change unit and a separate child's cubicle in both the male and female toilets.

the Western Esplanade nursing room

Western Esplanade

We have opened a colourful new parent nursing room at this site.

The room includes a comfortable nursing chair and footstall, a baby change table, toddler chair and a nappy dispensing unit.

The room is decorated with sea murals and has useful information for parents from the Brighton Health Promotion Library.

This includes:

  • information about baby food
  • safety in the home
  • post natal depression
  • reusable nappies
  • Surestart

You can phone The Health Promotion Library on 01273 296 551 for more information.

In addition, children's toilets have been installed at this location with colourful murals to make them a friendler place to use.

nursing room

Norton Road

Norton Road public toilets are adjacent to the car park, and are the latest set of toilets to receive the family friendly treatment.

We have installed a new unisex parent nursing room and it is fast becoming a favourite for passing families.

Like Western Esplanade, it has a comfortable nursing chair and foot stall as well as the traditional baby change table and toddler chair. Information is available at the site from the Brighton Health Authority Library.

The room has been beautifully decorated with ABC murals and is a very welcome addition to the area.


Station Road

We have installed family friendly facilities at Station Road, Portslade.

They include a new baby changing room in the women's facility. The new room has colour murals to make it more welcoming for parents and children to use.

Lower Promenade East of Brighton Pier

During the Summer 2007, we added a new baby changing room to the women's toilets, in addition to baby changing units in the main area of the facility and within the men's toilets adjacent.

Ovingdean Undercliff

Ovingdean turtle and octopus

New murals have been painted at Ovingdean Undercliff toilets to make them more inviting for young users. The murals have been painted by a local company, MOKO Painting and Decorating Specialist.

Future Plans

If you have any suggestions on where you would like to see more children's facilities, please get in touch and let us know.

You can send an email to or phone Cityclean on 01273 29 29 29.