Tree Trust - celebrate or commemorate by planting a tree

How to donate a tree to one of our parks.

Horse Chestnut in Stanmer Park

Planting a tree

Planting a tree lets you mark a birth, anniversary or bereavement. Trees improve the appearance of the city while fighting pollution and supporting wildlife.

Through our Tree Trust you can donate:

  • the full cost of planting a specific tree
  • an amount of your choice towards the city’s tree planting

We charge £346.96 to plant a specific tree in a favoured location.

We provide the tree, a certificate and a guarantee to replace the tree if it fails to establish in its first year. 

You can also ask to be involved when planting the tree. 

A wide range of trees can be planted on our chalky loam. However some parks have specific landscaping schemes. There is more information below. Please contact us if you need more details.

When do we plant trees?

The main tree planting season is from December to March (dependent on weather conditions). The cut off date for applications for this tree planting season is 30 September.

If we receive your request after 30 September, your tree will be planted during next year's planting season, starting in December.

Things you need to know

As the venues are for the active enjoyment of all users, it will not be permitted to place flowers at the planting site. Should such a memorial be required, we would respectfully advise the donor to consider a site in the local cemeteries. Unfortunately it will not be possible to allow the fixing of plaques at any donated tree.

You are welcome to be involved in the planting of your tree and we can often tailor planting ceremonies to meet a wide range of occasions and personal requirements.

Tree planting locations

There's a list of parks and open spaces available for donated tree planting below. If a site is over planted, you may need to choose another location. 

As well as tree planting parks and open spaces, it's also sometimes possible to donate trees to complement street plantings. 

Only tree-lined streets where spaces exist can be considered. We'll also need to check the location to see what services and utilities are under the planting area. In some instances it may not be possible to plant trees because of the position of utilities.

The following parks and open spaces are available for donated tree planting:

If you have any questions about other parks or open spaces complete our online form.

Contact us with your questions or to make a donation

Complete our online form to request to plant a tree.

If you have any questions please call 01273 29 29 29.