Summer sports in parks

Find out more information on where to play basketball, rounders and stoolball and softball, and how much it costs.

During the summer months, the city enjoys a variety of sports that aren't always catered for. The council provides pitches for sports such as rounders, stoolball and softball at Preston Park, and other sites.


seafront basketball court

There are several basketball courts throughout the city, including at Preston Park, Hove Park, and on Hove Seafront.

None of the courts are bookable in advance - just turn up and play.

preston stoolball pitch


Rounders is a nine-a-side bat and ball game played predominately in the United Kingdom. It's best known as an spontaneous leisure game, but we can offer marked pitches for adult leagues and work teams.


Stoolball is a game popular in Sussex. It is an 11-a-side ball game, played with a short bat and square board wickets. We can offer you a pitch for your game, or put you in touch with local clubs.


Softball is a nine-a-side bat and ball game that originated in the USA. Its parent sport is baseball, but it takes place in a smaller diamond and play is generally faster. We can offer a marked diamond, or give you details of local teams. There is a baseball field marked out at Waterhall.

Price List

Hire Type Time Price 2019-20
(inc VAT)
Rounders, Stoolball, Softball    
First Booking Per Match £27.30
Subsequent booking Per Match £16.70

You can contact us for more information at our Sports Booking Service, phone 01273 292 704 or send an email to

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A pétanque and boccia area was created at The Level by the council as part of The Level Restoration Project.

For more information about activities at The Level, send an email to, or visit the Level Brighton website.