Single-use, disposable barbecues

Find out why we've banned the use of single-use, disposable barbecues in Brighton & Hove, what the fine is and alternative ways to barbecue.

Single-use, disposable barbecues are banned on council-owned land

Brighton & Hove City Council has banned the use of single-use, disposable barbecues in and on council-owned land.

This includes the city’s:

  • beach
  • seafront
  • parks and open spaces

Why we've banned them

The use of single-use, disposable barbecues are problematic for the environment and the council. 

They pose a significant fire risk when in use and if not disposed of correctly. There have been many times when they have caused bins and the surrounding area to catch fire. 

They are a risk of injury to people and animals, particularly on the beach and in open spaces. 

If not set up correctly, they can scorch and damage the environment around them. 

When not disposed of, it means the taxpayer has to pay for the tidy up.  

Together, their use not only incurs environmental costs, but brings additional and substances costs to the council to clear up. 

What will happen if you're caught using a single-use, disposable barbecue

If an authorised Environmental Enforcement Officer witnesses you using a single-use, disposable barbecue, you may be issued with a fine of £100. They will also seek to extinguish or seize your barbecue. This includes the city’s beach, seafront, parks and open spaces. 

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Alternative ways to barbecue

If you want to barbecue on designated areas of the beach, or in a park or open space, use a portable, re-usable one.  

Find designated barbecue areas on Brighton & Hove’s seafront. 

How we made the decision to ban single-use, disposable barbecues

The decision to ban the use of single-use, disposable barbecues in and on council-owned land was made by the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee (item 95), following a public consultation.