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Give us your views on planned playground refurbishments

We’d like to hear your views on 7 planned city playground refurbishments.

The playgrounds due to be upgraded by March 2023 are: 

  • Hollingdean Park Play Area
  • Knoll Park Play Area
  • Saltdean Oval Play Area
  • Rottingdean Field Play Area
  • Woollards Field Play Area (Maggie’s Corner)
  • Whitehawk Way Play Area (Top Park)
  • Woodingdean Central Play Area

These playgrounds are part of the latest round of a £3 million citywide playground improvements programme, which started in 2021, to upgrade 45 city playgrounds.

The consultation on these 7 sites closes on 27 May 2022.

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About our playgrounds

From larger destination parks to smaller neighbourhood parks, the city’s 53 playgrounds offer a range of active, outdoor play opportunities and equipment to support the development and health of children of all ages and abilities, inspiring all generations to get out and play and create healthier and happier communities.   

The largest play areas in Brighton & Hove are at: 

There are also play areas along the seafront, all with water play, at:

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Investing in our playgrounds 

In 2021 we started a major £3 million refurbishment programme in the city’s playgrounds.  

Between 2021 and 2023, 45 sites will receive a full or partial refurbishment to ensure that children of all ages and abilities will enjoy them to the full for many years to come.  

The improvements in this investment round are funded by Section 106 developers’ contributions, which are available in certain parts of the city.  

Read the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee report for more information about the Playground Refurbishment Programme 2021 to 2025.

You can find out more about the investment programme in our press release.

By April 2022, we’ll have invested £2.6 million in upgrading and improving the equipment in 26 of the city’s play parks, with upgrades to the other playgrounds earmarked for improvement coming in the following 12 to 18 months. 

What we are doing

In preparation for the improvement works, we carried out thorough assessments for each of the city’s play parks.  

This was to check for ongoing safety and to ensure that they continued to offer the best possible play value we are able to provide and maintain with the resources we have.  

Sadly we had to remove some equipment in some parks, as we discovered equipment that had reached its end of life, or could be unsafe.  

In many cases new play areas will feature equipment made from materials such as stainless steel, as this is more durable than wood.  

We are also sometimes removing sand or bark pits, as we do not have sufficient resources to manage and maintain these to ensure they remain safe.  

We are working hard to make all of our play areas safe, exciting and enjoyable places to visit and play, so please bear with us while we have to close some sites briefly for refurbishment.  

These upgrades will mean more fun for years to come and we can’t wait for you to see them.  

We apologise for any inconvenience while works are in progress.  

Progress update, winter/ spring 2022 

The following sites have been refurbished:  

  • Blakers Park 
  • Bexhill Road  
  • Barn Rise 
  • Chalk Pit – Warrior Close  
  • Dyke Road 
  • East Brighton Park 
  • Greenleas Park 
  • Haig Avenue 
  • Hodshrove Road 
  • Hove Park  
  • Middle Park 
  • Mackie Park 
  • Preston Park   
  • Saunders Park      
  • St Ann’s Well 
  • Tarner Park 
  • Victoria Park 
  • Vale Park 

The following sites are due to be refurbished in spring/summer 2022. 

  • Easthill Park  
  • Hangleton  
  • Wish Park    
  • St Nicks    
  • Carden Park 

How we manage our playgrounds

We manage and maintain the play areas to ensure they are clean and safe to use, whilst still challenging and exciting, for all those who use them.   

All playgrounds are inspected on a regular basis.  

The safety of our children is a priority, so we carry out safety checks on every park and every piece of equipment every 2 weeks.    

Further full inspections of all equipment are carried out quarterly and annually by an independent inspector.   

Playground Checker

We can only act promptly if incidents and problems are reported to us. Use our online form to tell us of any accidents or "near misses" that occur to help prevent any further incidents.

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