Hollingbury Woods and Burstead Woods management plan 2011-2015

hollingbury park wood walk

A draft management plan has been produced to outline how Hollingbury and Burstead Woods should be cared for.  It was produced by Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) City Parks department and the Friends of Hollingbury and Burstead Woods (FHBW) – a group of volunteers which works with the Council Rangers in the woods.

The Management Plan aims to promote the wildlife and recreational value of Hollingbury Woods and Burstead Woods for the benefit of local residents. The actions that are planned will:

  • Maintain the woodland
  • Support wildlife
  • Balance the woodland tree population
  • Conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the woodland
  • Encourage public awareness and enjoyment of the woods
  • Enable responsible public access to the woods

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Hollingbury Woods and Burstead Woods Management Plan 2011-2015 (PDF 178 KB)