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Information on facilities available for disabled people, including disabled parking and accessible toilets.

st anns well gardens scented gardenOur parks and green spaces are for the enjoyment of everyone.

We've listed our main parks below and provided information on facilities available for disabled people, including disabled parking and accessible toilets.

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blakers park playground Blakers Park

Laid out on a gentle slope, the park has good accessibility throughout. All the facilities including the café and tennis courts are accessible. There are plenty of benches in the park.

The Preston Drove entrance to the park is the most easily accessible. Both Southdown Road and Cleveland Road entrances lack pavements on the sides that border the park.

Only on-street parking is available.

An accessible toilet is available next to the play area.

Dyke Road Park view Dyke Road Park

The park has good access and the pathways are accessible throughout with no steps. The rose garden however may cause difficulties as the pathways are laid out in crazy paving and are uneven. The café's outside seating area is accessible.

There are a few pay & display parking bays at the front of the park, the nearest designated accessible bays are on Dyke Road.

The nearest accessible toilet is at the Booth museum of natural history.


East Brighton Bulb display East Brighton Park

The park is laid out mostly on the flat, however there are sloping areas. While the pathways don't feature any steps some of the paths in sloping areas of the park may not be accessible to all. A small number of benches are featured along the paths. At present neither the playground nor the pavilion/café are accessible.

There are two car parks, a small parking area at the front of the park and a larger one just past the pavilion by the cricket field.

There are limited parking spaces in this park and priority use must be given to disabled park visitors.

The nearest accessible toilet is at Whitehawk library.


Easthill Park seats Easthill Park

The park is laid out on level ground with no steps, paths are accessible throughout. A determined wheelchair user should be able to access much of the parks open spaces.

There are four parking bays at the front of the park and two bays at the back; on-street parking is limited.

There are limited parking spaces in this park and priority use must be given to disabled park visitors.

An accessible toilet is available towards the Easthill Way end of the Park.

hollingbury park playground Hollingbury Park

The park is fairly level but there are no surfaced paths in the park. The grass areas are well mown and should be accessible to a determined wheelchair user. There is an easy access path through Hollingbury woods. Other facilities in the park are not accessible.

Only on-street parking is available.

The nearest accessible toilet is at the Blakers Park play area.

Hove Park walkwayHove Park

All pathways in the park should be accessible with gentle sloping paths towards the eastern end and alternative ramps alongside steps. There are plenty of benches throughout the park. The Pavilion tea rooms are wheelchair accessible.

Only on-street parking is available.

An accessible toilet is available near the bowling pavilion.

kipling gardens Kipling Gardens

This small garden's footpaths are accessible throughout with no steep gradients and no steps. Plenty of benches have been provided along the paths. The Croquet lawn is approached up an incline but should be accessible.

Only on-street parking is available.

The nearest accessible toilet is at Rottingdean recreation ground.

Picture of Lavender on the Rose Walk at the Level The Level

In 2013 The Level was completely restored. We've worked hard to ensure physical and social accessibility was built into every part of the project.

Wheelchair access and mobility

  • Picnic tables in the petanque and boccia area, designed to enable wheelchairs to come right up to the table
  • Additional benches installed throughout the park, most with armrests and concrete hard-standing areas next to them
  • Flat access to the park's entrances, cafe and community meeting rooms

Playground area and games

  • accessible play equipment items (eg basket swing, roundabout with wheelchair space and more) - and landscaping and other natural features
  • a circular gravelled area suitable for playing games such as boccia (bring your own equipment)   

Sensory features, including planting, sculptures and sensory garden

  • A sensory garden in the playground area featuring sound-creating and stimulating equipment pieces
  • Planting throughout the park chosen for colour, texture and fragrance - including ornamental grasses which have a pleasing sound in the wind
  • Tabletop textured chessboards around the pétanque/boccia area
  • Textured artworks designed by local artists featuring key elements of the park's wildlife, conservation, history and its social context
  • podcast about the park's history and heritage, enabling those with sight impairment to understand and appreciate the park's history and heritage

Community meeting room

  • Flat access


  • A specialist 'Changing Places' toilet facility
  • DDA-approved disabled toilets including a further accessible toilet facility available exclusively to those hiring the community spaces in the restored pavilions


There are two disabled car parking bays on the London Road side of the park.


pavilion gardensRoyal Pavilion Garden

The gardens are accessible throughout and laid out mostly on the flat, the outdoor café is accessible.

Only on-street parking is available, the nearest designated accessible bays are on the Old Steine.

An accessible toilet is available next to the Prince's Place entrance.

Preston Park Rockery Preston Park

Laid out on a gentle slope the main park areas are accessible on the pathways - there are plenty of benches situated along the paths. The cafés are also accessible. The rock garden, cricket pitch and velodrome unfortunately are not accessible due to rough terrain and grass.

There are limited parking spaces in this park and priority use must be given to disabled park visitors. On-street parking is available, the nearest designated accessible bays are on Preston Park Avenue.

Two accessible toilets are available, one in the Chalet café in the centre of the park and one in the Rotunda café at the southern end of the park.

Queens Park Pond Queens Park

This popular local park is laid-out in a sloping valley. There are many pathways through the park most of which should be accessible, and a large number of benches. The southern end of the park is the most level area and includes the wildlife pond and the café, which is also accessible. Many of the park's smaller entrances are gated and they could cause difficulties for some wheelchair users.

Only on-street parking is available, but there are designated accessible parking bays near to the park.

An accessible toilet is available near the play area.

St. Ann's Well Gardens entrance St Ann's Well Gardens

Some of the garden accessed from the Furze Hill and the eastern end of Nizells Road is laid out on a steep gradient and these areas would not be accessible to people with mobility issues without assistance. Areas of the park accessed from Somerhill Road and the western end of Nizells Road are accessible. Alternative ramps are provided where the pathways feature steps. The café area in the park is accessible, as is the tennis court with the double gates.

A number of planned improvements to the accessibility of the park will be carried out during the rest of the year.

Only on-street parking is available, there are designated accessible bays available on Somerhill Road, Furze Hill and Nizells Avenue.

An accessible toilet is available in-between the pavilion and café.

Stanmer Church Stanmer Park

Stanmer Park is a unique historic countryside estate offering plenty for all to enjoy.

Construction work on the Stanmer Park Restoration Project, which has restored 20 hectares of this 485 hectare park, is due to finish early 2021. New opportunities to volunteer will be available from spring 2021.

Improvements to accessibility

We have made it easier for everyone to access the park.

These include:

  • a new information and welcome kiosk at the Lower Lodges entrance is due to open around April 2021 - this will provide more disabled toilet facilities opposite Stanmer Tea Rooms
  • the restored Walled Garden, operated and run by One Garden Brighton will give visitors an attractive and accessible place to go, it will include a disabled toilet facilities in spring 2021 (subject to Covid restrictions),
  • a new Green Drive pathway leading from the Lower Lodges entrance into the historic heart of the village, gives a pleasant off-road route away from the central roadway
  • new pavements in front of Stanmer House and the church
  • a number of easier access pathways and trails which means visitors can explore further
  • signs and fingerposts coming soon will show visitors routes around the park and estate
  • additional disabled car parking spaces for Blue Badge holders in improved designated car parking areas at the Lower Lodges entrance and (from March 2021) in a new car park at the Patchway
  • the church car park will also have two disabled car parking spaces from around April 2021
  • free car parking for Blue Badge holders
  • all buses on the 78 route that run from the city into Stanmer Park on weekends and bank holidays are accessible for people with disabilities

More information

To find out more about the restoration project and future activities and volunteering opportunities send an email to stanmerproject@brighton-hove.gov.uk. We will add your name to the Stanmer Park Restoration Project mailing list.

Go to the Stanmer Park main webpage or back to the list of parks.

Stoneham Park Playground Stoneham Park

The recreation ground is laid out on flat, even ground with accessible paths throughout and plenty of benches. The community café is also accessible.

A number of improvements are planned in the park to increase the number of accessible features.

Only on-street parking is available.

The nearest accessible toilet is at the Hove museum and art gallery.

Withdean woodland walk Withdean Park

The park is laid out partly on a steep gradient and is largely open grassland throughout with no surfaced pathways. The grass areas should be accessible to determined wheelchair users.

The woodland paths are not accessible.

On-street parking is available on Peacock Lane.

The nearest accessible toilet is at the Withdean sports centre.

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