About our park rangers

Cityparks rangers ensure everyone enjoys our public open spaces safely.

They maintain our parks and countryside alongside:

  • volunteers
  • local preservation
  • horticultural groups

How they look after our parks and countryside

Our park rangers:

  • work with Cityparks gardeners to watch over the public open spaces in our city
  • encourage appropriate behaviour from all groups using parks. They can take enforcement action if necessary
  • patrol playgrounds, recreation areas and paths, including footpaths and cycle tracks.
  • provide a reassuring uniformed presence. This ensure a sense of security.
  • provide information to the public
  • provide information on events
  • provide habitat protection, including practical conservation tasks and surveys.
  • involve local community groups.

If you see a park ranger in your local park or open space, please go and say hello!

Become a CityParks volunteer

Find out what CityParks Ranger volunteers do, how you can get involved and where to find other conservation volunteering groups in Brighton & Hove.