Dedicate a bench

We currently have limited availability for bench memorials in the city. We are pausing new requests to dedicate or adopt benches. This will be ongoing while we arrange memorials for people on our waiting list.

Due to rising costs, supply issues and the durability of the current benches, spaces are taking longer to become available.

We are reviewing the service and the current pricing structures. We will look to reintroduce the service once the review is complete and our waiting list is clear.

For memorials, there is an alternative option of applying planting a commemorative tree.

Planting a tree lets you mark a birth, anniversary or bereavement. Trees improve the appearance of the city while fighting pollution and supporting wildlife.  

The main tree planting season is from November to March. With that in mind, the cut-off date for applications this season was 30 September 2022.

We will log any further requests received for next year’s planting season.

You can also find out about dedicating a bench and memorial options in cemeteries.