Library membership policy

Read the terms and conditions of being a member of our libraries.

You do not need to be a member to enter and spend time in a Brighton & Hove Library. Our libraries are all free and accessible spaces that are open to anyone, regardless of where you live or where you were born. 

Library membership, use of library computers and wi-fi are free. We encourage you to join the library as a Libraries Extra member so that you can borrow books, DVDs, toys and make use of our online services during and outside of staffed hours. You can join in-person at any library or online.  

As a library service we endeavour to provide members with a range of resources and services that comply with the Brighton & Hove City Council’s Equality and Inclusion Strategy and provide a diverse cultural offer. The library offer is free at the point of access, but other non-statutory elements may incur an additional charge. Any additional charge will always be made clear in advance. 

Brighton & Hove Library Services allow members to visit some of our libraries outside staffed hours. We call this service Libraries Extra. To access this service, you’ll need a Libraries Extra membership and agree to the associated terms and conditions. 

Terms and Conditions of Membership 

  1. You can borrow up to 40 books, 8 DVDS and 2 toys all at the same time.  
  2. All items borrowed must be returned or renewed by the date given at the time of issue. 
  3. Items can be renewed in person, by phone or online. 
  4. Items returned or renewed late will be subject to a fine. Please see our fees and charges page for more information. 
  5. Customers who have charges of £30 or more on their account will not be able to borrow any item until a repayment plan is agreed. 
  6. All items can be returned to any Brighton & Hove Library. 
  7. Customers can hold one library account only. 
  8. Library cards are not transferrable and can only be used by the named person. 
  9. You can book time on a public computer terminal free of charge. The initial period is 1 hour, 2 hours for concessions. Booking additional time after your initial session has expired may be possible but cannot be guaranteed and may incur a charge. 
  10. Use of Public IT equipment including internet facilities in libraries is available in agreement with the Acceptable Use Policy. 
  11. Breach of the Acceptable Use Policy may result in suspension or cancellation of your access to public IT equipment. 
  12. All visitors to the library are expected to behave according to the library byelaws. In instances where the byelaws are breached it may be necessary to implement the exclusion policy