Support for teachers and school children

Library services can help children improve their reading skills and general learning. They also give children the opportunity to study, information about further learning and career options.

School children can:

  • join our libraries for free
  • borrow fiction and non-fiction books
  • use reference books and study aids to help at national curriculum key stage levels, GCSE, and A Level
  • use the online children's encyclopedias 
  • use library computers for free, for up to an hour a day

Teachers can:

  • bring their class for a tour of the library
  • sign up for a class card, this allows them to keep books for up to a term
  • have a library staff member visit their school
  • attend a talk about the rare books and special collections section of the library
  • use free online resources for class projects

To ask for a tour, a school visit or to sign up for a class card, send an email to

Books to support children’s mental health and wellbeing

Brighton and Hove Libraries, Public Health Schools and local Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCO’s), have created a list of books that support children’s mental health and wellbeing. 

Teachers, parents and carers can use the books to help children get through challenging experiences. 

This could be things like issues with self-confidence or friendships, dealing with divorce or separation, anxiety, depression or bereavement. 

You can check the list of mental health and wellbeing books

Books to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing

The Reading Agency has created a book list called Reading Well Books on Prescription. These books give 13 to 18 year olds advice and information about issues like anxiety, stress and OCD, and difficult experiences like bullying and exam pressure.

Health professionals and young people living with these issues have recommended these books. They are suitable for different reading abilities, and include graphic novels, fiction, non-fiction, and personal stories.

You can borrow the books in hard copy or electronic format for free from your local library. 

Check the list of books available on The Reading Agency website.