How to hire exhibition space in our libraries

We have different spaces you can hire in our libraries for exhibitions, or to promote your services.

About the spaces you can hire

Jubilee library has two exhibition spaces you can hire. 

We also have smaller spaces in our libraries, where you can promote your organisation. We call these information points.

To check availability send an email to, or phone 01273 292 872.

The foyer gallery

The foyer gallery, in the entrance to Jubilee Library is ideal for small exhibits. 

The back wall is 4.6 meters wide, the 2 side walls are 2.5 meters wide and they are all 2.3 meters high. 

The window gallery

The window gallery, in Jubilee Library is ideal for large exhibits. 

It has 10 large windows that are 3 meters high, and 1.5 meters wide. We can hang exhibits from above, or have them free standing in the window.

How much the galleries cost to hire

You can hire the foyer or window gallery for £200 (plus VAT) per week, Monday to Sunday. You can book up to 4 weeks a year.

A lower rate of £140 (plus VAT) is available for registered charities.

We also charge a non refundable administration fee of £40 per booking.

Private launch events are a higher rate. 

Information points

All our libraries have space for organisations to promote their services. There is usually room for a table and a pull up banner. 

How much the information points cost to hire

You can hire an information point for £42 (plus VAT) per day.

A lower rate of £28 (plus VAT) per day is available for registered charities.