How to donate to the Libraries Legacy Fund

Find out how you can donate money to help libraries provide events and activities.

About the Libraries Legacy Fund

The Brighton & Hove Libraries Legacy Fund helps us provide a variety of cultural and creative events and activities. 

These are available in all 14 of our libraries across the city. 

We work with schools and communities, and these events and activities mean we can help more people in the city.

Donations to the fund mean we can continue to provide our exciting events, activities and share a love of libraries as widely as possible.

How to donate

You can donate online through the Brighton & Hove Libraries Legacy Fund TotalGiving Page.

You can also donate in the collection boxes in our libraries.

The Brighton & Hove Libraries Legacy Fund is managed by the Sussex Community Foundation on behalf of Brighton & Hove City Council. 

You can support the city's library service by volunteering. Find out how to volunteer in our libraries