About our group of partner libraries

We’re part of a group of libraries in South East England called the South East Library Management System, or SELMS.

As a member of Brighton & Hove libraries, you can find out how to borrow books and other items from any library in the SELMS group on the SELMS website.

How to borrow from partner libraries

You can visit any library in the SELMS group, and use your library card to borrow their items.

You can also reserve items from any library in the SELMS group, and collect them from any Brighton & Hove library. There is a fee of £3 per item for this service.

You can search our online catalogue and reserve books from a SELMS library.

You'll need to search the catalogue as normal, and if the item you're trying to find is located at another library, you can reserve it.

How to borrow items from other British libraries

If you can’t find the item you’re looking for at any library in the SELMS group, we may be able to get it from another British library. We call this an inter-library loan.

When we arrange an inter-library loan, we search the British Library stock, as well as various academic and public libraries. There is a charge of £7.15 per item for this service.

You can organise an inter-library loan at one of our libraries or search our online library catalogue.

You'll need to tell us the author and title of the book, and your library membership number.