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We host reading and writing groups across Brighton & Hove. Find out how to join an existing group or start your own.

Library activities during Covid-19

Some library activities are currently suspended or have transferred online. Please check our service update page to see what activities are available


About our reading and writing groups

We host a variety of reading and writing groups at many of our libraries.

About reading groups

There are reading groups at both Jubilee and Hove libraries, and some at our other libraries.

You'll need to pay a fee of £5 per year to join a reading group.

We have an informal group called Read Aloud at Jubilee Library. The group includes reading aloud, listening to, and discussing books. This group is suitable for people with a visual impairment. It's free for everyone and you don't need to book.

To find out more about our reading groups, or if you'd like to join, send an email to or phone 01273 290 800.

How to start your own reading group

We can help you set up your own reading group. The cost of setting up a reading group is £30 a year per group.

We may be able to help you:

•    set up the reading group
•    choose the books
•    supply sets of books for your group to read

About writing groups

Several of our libraries host writing groups. Phone 01273 290 800 for information about how to join.

To find out more information about Hove Library Writing Group, send an email to

To find out more information about The Phoenix Writers Writing Group, send an email to

If you join one of our writing groups, you can also use some of our other support services and those of our partners.

Find more information about writing groups and resources at New Writing South.