Fees for library services

It’s free to join our libraries and start borrowing. Check how much we charge for overdue books, photocopying and other library services.

Fees to borrow items

We do charge a small fee to borrow some items, like DVDs.

Fees are different for some members. For example, concessionary members pay lower fees for overdue items. Find out more about the different types of membership available.  


Item Fee
CDs (local bands/local labels - Jubilee only)  £1.20 for 1 week
DVD £2.80/ £3.80 for 1 week
DVD box set £5.60 for 1 week
Spoken word (abridged) 80p for 3 weeks
Spoken word (unabridged)  £1.60 for 3 weeks
Language course £2.10 for 3 weeks


Item Fee
DVD              £1.50 for 1 week

Toys (available at Whitehawk, Coldean and Portslade Libraries) 


Fees for overdue items

If you don’t return an item on time, you’ll have to pay a fee for each day it’s overdue.


Item Fee
Books and spoken word 40p per day per book, up to a maximum charge of £12.80 per loan
DVD 80p per day per DVD
DVD box sets £1.20 per day per DVD
CDs 40p per day per CD

Children and Young People

Item Fee
Books, spoken word and toys on loan to children (under 16)   No charge
Books and spoken word on loan to young adults (16-19) 10p per day per book up to a maximum of £2.50 per loan
DVDs on loan to children and young people 30p per day per DVD


Fees for reserving an item


Items Fee
Brighton & Hove Libraries reservations £1.20 per item
Inter-library loan reservations through SELMS  £3 per item
Other inter-library reservations £10 per item
Stock suggestions Free


Items Fee
Brighton & Hove Libraries reservations 50p per item
Inter-library loan reservations through SELMS £3 per item
Other Inter-library reservations £3 per item

You can reserve items from one of our partner libraries in the South Eastern Library Management System (SELMS) group. This is called a SELMs reservation. 

You can also reserve items using our inter-library loan service. An inter-library loan is borrowing an item from a British library outside of the SELMS group. 

Find out more about how to borrow items from other libraries.

Fees for photocopying and printing

You can print documents at any of our libraries and photocopy documents at Jubilee and Hove Libraries. All libraries have at least one scanner, which is free to use if you're a member. 


Size/ Type Fee
A4 Black and White 30p per sheet
A4 Colour £1.20 per sheet
A3 Black and White (Jubilee Library only) 40p per sheet
A3 Colour (Jubilee Library only) £1.80 per sheet

Self Service Photocopiers (Jubilee and Hove libraries) 

Size/ Type Fee
A4 Black and White 30p per sheet
A4 Colour £1.20 per sheet
A3 Black and White  40p per sheet
A3 Colour  £1.80 per sheet

Fees for computer use

Computer use 


First Hour 


Additional hours (19+ age) 

£1.20 per hour 

Concessions: First two hours  


Children and Young People  


Fees of lost cards



Lost Adult Membership Card 


Lost Libraries Extra Card 


How to pay your fees

You can pay your fees with cash or cheque at any of our libraries. 

You can only pay using a debit or credit card at the following libraries:

  • Jubilee
  • Hove
  • Hangleton
  • Patcham
  • Moulsecoomb
  • Portslade
  • Rottingdean
  • Woodingdean
  • Whitehawk

You can also pay your fees over the phone by calling 01273 290 800 during Jubilee Library's opening hours.  

Get help paying your fees

If you have fees you can’t pay and still want to use the library services, you may be able to pay your fees back over time.

To discuss this, speak to a member of staff at any of our libraries, or send an email to libraries@brighton-hove.gov.uk.