Community Connect

Find out about the Community Connect project and how it is going to help improve library services

Image of the LibraryOn logo on a phone screen.

What the Community Connect project is

Brighton & Hove Libraries are beginning an exciting new initiative, the Community Connect project, that aims to inspire new audiences and improve engagement with the library. They want to reach new audiences, which might be hard to reach otherwise, and tell them about the services the library can offer.  

Through the feedback of users and residents, our libraries also aim to develop services for the future adapted to the needs of members, and improve their online presence. 

Community Connect will also have a launch event featuring an interactive digital installation at Jubilee Library, which will take place in the new year. 

Brighton and Hove Libraries are working with Brighton-based design studio Boyle & Perks, who specialise in creative communications for the arts, education and research. The project is funded by LibraryOn grant funding. 

What’s new with the project

Thank you to everyone who gave the feedback via our Community Connect survey. The information we collected has been invaluable and will inform the next stage of the project.   

The project is now moving into the design phase, where we’ll be working closely with Boyle & Perks as they develop the initial design concepts and creative strategy for the Community Connect marketing campaign using the research gathered in our survey and workshops.