Borrow, renew and reserve library items

Use our online catalogue or visit a library to find, reserve and renew books and other items. You can also renew items by phone on 0303 123 0035.

Read our latest service update for opening times and more information. 

How to find library items

To find library items, like books and talking books, you'll need to register for a library card.

Once you're a member, you can:

How to reserve items

The reservation service is available for anyone looking to request a specific book or item. Usual reservation charges apply. 

The SELMS loans service is also now available. The Interlibrary Loans service will be available from 21 June.             

Overdue items

If you borrow an item and don’t return it on time, you’ll have to pay a fee. These fees are different depending on the item, and how long it's overdue.

Find out more about our fees for overdue items.

How to renew items

You can renew items up to four times if someone else hasn't reserved them. If you renew an item that we charge for, you’ll have to pay a fee every time you renew it.

You can:

  • renew by phone 0303 123 0035 - this is an automated 24 hour phone renewals service, and you’ll need your membership card number and PIN
  • renew library items online - you’ll need your membership number and PIN, if you have problems renewing an item please call us on 01273 290 800 
  • find your local library to renew items there - please bring your membership card

How to order an item

You can ask us to order an item for free. For example, you may want to borrow a book we don’t have at one of our libraries. If you want to reserve the item that you've ordered, you’ll need to pay a fee of £7 for adults, and £3 for children. 

Find out more about fees for our library services.

You can order an item online, or come in to one of our libraries.